Legs and their lovers. Part 1

Yura, a quiet, modest, 18-year-old guy, walked along the university corridor. His gaze was fixed on the legs of the girls in front. Their beautiful, thin legs on high heels were covered with black tights, and they had tight black skirts on their hips. These girls, Alice and Vera, were Yura’s classmates, he constantly admired their legs and in the evenings often jerked off on their photos on social networks. He entered the elevator together with the girls and buried himself on the floor, secretly looking at the feet of the girls in black leather shoes.

  • Yura, right? – Alice’s pleasant voice rang out and brought Yura out of his stupor.
  • AND?! Y-yes …
  • Listen, you’re an excellent student? Can you help us?

“ Y-yes … h-of course …

  • We have a problem with one subject, can you come to my house after class and help?
  • Y-yes …
  • Wonderful! Thank you very much! Write down the address.

While Alice was dictating the address, Vera smiled slyly.

There were no girls at the last lecture, but Yura decided to go to them anyway. Stories on sefan tochka ru. Approaching the entrance, he rang the intercom.

  • Alo?
  • Alo! Yur, is that you? Go up to the 10th floor!

Entering the apartment, the guy began to examine. Both girls came out of the room, wearing short silk robes.

  • Come into the room. We want to have a little fun before class!
  • H-how? – Yura examined the girls, it seemed a little bit more and all their charms would appear from under the hem of the robes.
  • Now you will find out! – said Vera and smiled slyly.

They sat the guy on the floor, blindfolded him and tied his hands.

  • We know how you look at our legs! Do you like them?
  • Very … – the guy caught his breath, there was no point in denying it.
  • Kiss! – Alice said in a commanding tone.

Yura felt the tender skin of her legs with his lips and kissed it timidly.

  • This is not a kiss! Come on normally, give free rein to feelings!

He began to greedily kiss the girl’s foot.

  • And now fingers!

As soon as he opened his mouth, all the fingers were in his mouth, he ran his tongue over them, felt the smoothness of the varnish on the nails. His penis has long stood and was torn to freedom.

  • Yes! Like this! Well done! If you do everything right, we will reward you!
  • Alice, let me too! – said Vera and Yura felt the touch of her legs in a stocking on his face. He gently ran his tongue over his faithful foot and kissed his fingers.
  • Mmm … good boy! – responded the girl.

Yura felt the second leg, without a stocking, touched his face, apparently it was Alice. The girls’ feet were on his face, he alternately kissed and licked them, inhaling a pleasant aroma. Soon the bare leg disappeared and a leg in a stocking took its place. Yura felt someone’s fingers unbutton the jeans belt and pull them together with the panties, giving free rein to his long-standing member.

  • Ver, look what!
  • Well … not very big …
  • But not small, as for me, very much even!
  • Well, yes, not bad!

The guy felt two bare feet pleasantly walked over his penis, grabbed him and began to jerk off.

  • M-ah! – Yura moaned, continuing to caress the legs in stockings.
  • Like? Do you want to cum? – asked Alice.
  • Very! – Yura answered.

The girls put the guy on the floor, Alice continued to caress his penis with her feet. Suddenly, he felt something hot and aromatic near his face.

  • Stick out your tongue! – Vera commanded and Yura obediently obeyed the order.

His tongue sank into something very soft, hot and wet. He had never experienced such a taste and aroma before, but he liked it. This something began to rub against his tongue, making the guy’s face wet.

  • A-a-ah! Good-oh! Vera moaned. Alice at that moment stroked her head with her feet. Yura began to understand that this was a girl’s pussy and began to lick it even more diligently. Everything that was happening excited him so much that he endured and began to finish. Jets of semen covered both feet and Alice’s toes.
  • Oh! How hot she is! Are you so horny, kid?
  • Uh-huh … – Yura replied, not looking up from her pussy. He felt how the girl tensed, her thin fingers buried in his hair, another moment and his face was covered with a wave of sweet juices, the girl trembled and moaned loudly.
  • A-a-ah! Well done! – Vera wearily sits down in a chair with legs wide apart.

Alice took off the guy’s bandage and untied her hands.

  • Go wash yourself.

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