Legs and their lovers. Part 2

Yura looked at Vera, she was completely naked, except for the beautiful black stockings on her legs, long black hair covered her small breasts.

Returning from the shower, the guy saw both girls standing in the middle of the room, both were completely undressed, their neat, sharp papillae invitingly sticking out, smooth pubes beckoning.

  • Stand on your knees! – Vera commanded.

Yura sank down.

  • Do we turn you on? – both girls sexually wagged their hips and stroked their naked bodies.
  • Yes! Very! – his cock gradually got up.
  • Then look at us and jerk off!

The guy admired the wriggling girls and stroked the cock. The girls bent down, showing their round asses, sexually putting their legs aside, kneading their small breasts. Yura devoured them with his eyes. Then the girls put one leg forward, stroked the guy’s chest and took turns touching the head of his penis, forcing him to moan. He could not withstand such torture for a long time and sperm began to erupt from his penis, it lay in hot strips on the girls’ feet.

  • ABOUT! So fast?! Wow! – Alice exclaimed and sat down in a chair.
  • Lick her! – Vera commanded.

Yura obediently crawled up to the girl, she with her hand directed his head to her pussy. She had a slightly different taste and aroma, but also very pleasant. He gladly ran his tongue over her pussy, sucking on her lips. Alice moaned and slightly pinched her nipples, and Vera pressed the guy’s head to the crotch as tightly as possible. Soon Alice arched, groaned, and squeezed her head tightly with her hips. The girl was finishing. When it was all over, Alice went limp in her chair, coming to her senses.

  • Massage my legs! – Vera’s order, sitting down on the sofa. The guy’s hands began to gently massage the girl’s feet with red varnish on her nails, she moaned slightly with pleasure.
  • Yur, are you a virgin? She asked.
  • Yes…
  • You did a good job today, so I think we will somehow solve this problem!

Then Yura also massaged Alice’s legs.

Arriving home, he jerked off the whole evening, replaying all the events of that day in his head, he could not believe that this was happening to him, because to caress the legs of these girls and carry out their commands was his secret desire from the first day he saw them.

A couple of days later, the girls called him back to their place. When he arrived, they met him again in their silk robes, but this time, they were both in stockings. Alice was wearing fishnet stockings, and Vera was wearing black stockings with fishnet elastic bands. Yura was surprised to see Nastya leave the room, also his classmate, a modest, slightly overweight blonde. She was wearing a similar silk robe.

  • Take off your clothes completely and go to the bath! – Alice’s order.

The guy undressed in front of all the girls and went to wash.

Returning from the shower, Yura saw naked Nastya lying on the bed, and opposite, in the chairs were Alice and Vera.

  • Now we will deprive you of your virginity! – said Vera.
  • Go to Nastya, lick her well! Girls need to do nicely! – ordered Alice.

Yura obediently settled himself between Nastya’s legs and began to lick. The scent and taste of her pussy aroused him, the girls moaned and squeezed her breasts 3 sizes with large areolas and nipples.

  • Not bad licking!
  • Yes, he himself gets pleasure! – Alice and Vera commented on what was happening and caressed their pussies.

Soon, Nastya moaned louder, she was shaken, she got up, arched, screamed and sank back onto the bed.

  • Ver, look, it’s finished!
  • Nastya, now suck Yura, the boys also need to do nicely!

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