Legs and their lovers. Part 3

Yura sat down with his back to the wall, Nastya stood up cancer, sexually protruding her full ass, took his standing member in her hand, licked the head. Yura closed his eyes with pleasure, he had never experienced anything like it before. Meanwhile, his penis was almost completely in Nastya’s mouth, she licked the trunk and head, her plump lips closed in a tight ring on his penis, and her head moved smoothly, the guy moaned with bliss.

  • He will finish in her mouth now!
  • It’s early! Yur, lie on your back, and you, Nastya, sit on top of his penis!

Yura lay down, and Nastya sat down on her knees over the guy, opened her pussy with her fingers, and directed her penis into it with her other hand.

  • Ah-ah!
  • Oh! – Yura and Nastya groaned at the same time. Tight, hot and wet pussy girl tightly squeezed the guy’s cock. Nastya pumped her hips, her lush breasts swayed in front of Yura’s face and he tried to catch her large nipples with his tongue. Yura could not hold out for long.
  • I … w-now … ah! Oh-oh!

His cock throbbed inside the girl and her pussy filled with hot cum.

  • Quickly, however! – Vera said and licked her fingers.
  • So this is his first time! Congratulations! – Alice clapped her hands, – And now both in the shower!

Yura let the girl go ahead and then went into the shower stall.

  • Nast … thanks! You are my first girlfriend …

In response, Nastya kissed the guy warmly.

  • Not at all … I hope you last longer next time! She smiled playfully.
  • I will try!

Hot water flowed over their naked bodies, Yura gently soaped the girl’s body, kissing her neck and breasts.

They walked out of the shower holding hands.

  • ABOUT! So our doves are back! We thought you were fucking there! – Alice laughed.
  • Yur, lick my ass! – Vera ordered and got up on the bed with cancer, sticking out her elastic ass and opening the holes.
  • And you, Nastya, suck him while he licks! – added Alice.

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