Legs and their lovers. Part 4

Yura began to lick the girl’s buttocks, getting close to the cherished ringlet, with his hands he stroked her legs. Nastya stuck her head between the guy’s legs, lying on her back, and took his rising member in her mouth. Yura diligently licked Vera’s ass, slightly penetrating her tongue, forcing the girl to moan and moan himself because Nastya sucked him and deftly caressed his penis with her tongue. Soon Vera got out of bed.

  • My turn! – Alice’s priest appeared in front of Yura’s face and he set to work. Nastya still continued to caress the guy’s penis, she clearly enjoyed the process. Then the guy was put on the floor, Alice began to jerk him off, and Vera put her feet on his face, Nastya was ordered to stroke the girls’ legs. Yura moaned from Alice’s caresses, he kissed and licked Vera’s legs. Then the girls ordered him to kneel down and jerk off on their legs, when the guy finished, they called Nastya and ordered her to lick everything off their feet. The girl ran her tongue over their feet, trying not to miss a drop.
  • Do you like his sperm? – asked Alice.
  • Yes very! – Nastya responded, not looking up from her legs.
  • Alice, in my opinion our doves should be left alone!
  • Agree.

Both girls left the room, closing the door. Nastya immediately pounced on Yura and began to kiss him greedily, the guy’s just limp penis began to get up again. The girl sank down and began to passionately suck his penis, Yura groaned, his head was spinning with pleasure, his legs gave way and he sat down on the bed. When Nastya finished sucking, the guy wanted to lick her, but the girl stopped him.

  • No … I want your cock!

She laid him on his back and sat down on top, smoothly shaking his hips, they both groaned, Yura crumpled her lush breasts, sucked on her nipples. Then the girl got up with cancer, inviting the guy to her ass. As soon as he entered it, Nastya arched and moaned longly. Yura enjoyed the sensations, he smoothly fucked the girl, maximizing the pleasure. Nastya moaned and caressed the clitoris, quickly bringing herself to orgasm. Yura increased the pace and, driving the penis as deep as possible, began to finish. They fell together on the bed kissing passionately.

Soon, Alice and Vera entered the room.

  • Well? Fucked up, honey? – asked Alice.
  • Come on, you caress our feet, we will finish and that’s all for today! – added Vera.

The girls sat down on the bed, stretching out their luxurious legs forward. Yura and Nastya began to obediently kiss and lick their legs, suck their fingers. Alice and Vera at this time took out vibrators and began to fuck themselves. The guy noticed how Nastya also gets pleasure from caressing her legs, his penis tensed and Nastya began to jerk him. When the girls finished, they sent the guys to the shower. Going into the shower stall, Nastya immediately knelt down and began to greedily suck the guy’s penis standing with a stake, she licked his balls, swallowed his penis almost to the very bottom. Yura pressed his back against the wall and moaned, feeling how soon he would end. He involuntarily pressed the girl’s head to his pubis and hot semen poured right into her throat.

After a shower, Alice and Vera sent the guys home. On the street, Nastya and Yura exchanged phones, they corresponded all evening, Nastya sent the guy her nude photos, forcing his cock to get up again and again. They began to meet, a couple of times a week their meetings took place at Alice and Vera’s home, where Nastya and Yura caressed the girls’ legs with pleasure.

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