Madam Alla

The girls stood completely naked. And then Mrs. Alla appeared. As always, in a corset, with a whip and in high-heeled stiletto heels. She was a pure angel in the flesh: a fantastically beautiful brunette: if not for one but. She was a preoccupied sadistic pervert.

There were 10 of them. They were maids in a huge cottage, which was owned by the mistress. All of them were natives of the provinces, or republics of the former USSR, who got to work on advertisements that maids were required to work. They promised a good salary. It was all that way. The house was huge, the salary was high, and if it were not for the sadistic manners of the mistress, who actually made them her slaves, taking away their passports, everything would be just super. However, after the first night with the hostess, the choice was offered: either quit, or stay. You could quit at any time and get your passport back. With one condition: you had to endure sex with the mistress for a week.

  • Good evening, my sweet bitches – in the lady’s voice there were notes of feline purring, which did not bode well. – Today my beloved girl will be – Alla sat down in a chair and sipped cognac, which Natasha presented her – her most beloved maid, who was in a privileged position among others: she had already worked a week of incessant sex with her mistress and could quit her job at any time – but Natasha urgently needed money – her mother was in a very difficult situation – she urgently needed an expensive operation. This kept Natasha from Alla. It was rumored that Alla and Natasha often change roles during sex and Natasha pervertedly fucks Alla and makes her follow her orders.
  • You will be my favorite bitch – Alla’s whip pointed to Rita.

The girl was from a small town in the Urals and, like all the maids, ended up with Alla, by and large, by accident. I went to enroll in a university and did not enter. When she was about to leave, she caught sight of an advertisement for the admission of maids to a country cottage. I decided to try it. And she stayed.

Alla took the leash that Natasha brought her. And she put it on the neck of Rita, who was already on all fours.

  • Come on, bitch – Alla hit Rita with a whip on the back.

Rita went on all fours upstairs

They ended up in a torture room, there is no other name for it. There was everything: automatic cars with members of different sizes, and boards on which it was necessary to be tied, and much more.

Alla lay down.

  • First, lick me, bitch, as you were taught.

Rita’s tongue began to move inside Alla’s womb, gradually gaining momentum. In parallel, his fingers moved, from which Rita licked the nectar from the bosom of the lady.

  • So – Alla smiled – well done, lizun, but now there will be a golden rain. And if even one drop of divine nectar spills, you will be in trouble

Rita felt a stream of hot, pungently smelling urine pouring into her mouth. But a drop spilled and Alla took Rita to one of the cars for self-satisfaction. When Rita was ready, she turned on the speed of a frenzied fuck and, wearing a huge and thick strap-on, began to rape Rita’s holes with a machine, in whose mouth there was a gag. They changed places. And for an hour they raped the girl’s holes.

  • If you think that this is all you are wrong. Doggystyle, SHORT!

Rita got up, and Alla lit a thick Havana cigar and began to beat the girl with a whip.

  • Count the blows, bitch! – Alla beat Rita with a whip, while smoking a cigar and using the girl’s pussy instead of an ashtray.

When the cigar was finished, Alla ordered Rita to lie down. Having chained the girl’s hands with handcuffs, Alla used strapons. All the copies in the huge collection of the lady were used. She raped Rita’s holes until the girl had the strength to scream from orgasm, until the girl expired, to the last drop.

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