Manor of the black Lord. Part 2

As darkness fell, the manor was again filled with screams. It was the white women who were crying and moaning, whose bellies were torn from the inside by the black limbs of former slaves that night. They have not yet resigned themselves to their fate. Most of them kicked and resisted, but some behaved with restraint, obediently spreading their legs in front of the niggas hot with excitement.

Dantrell was sprawled on the huge bed in the master’s bedroom, smoking a cigar from Reginald Morris’s stockpile, grinning at the huge portrait of the planter and his family that hung on the wall opposite.

The thirst for blood that flared up in him this morning, he quenched in full. Now the body demanded something completely different – to relieve the tension of the passing day.

The door creaked open and Noah appeared in the doorway. The young man pushed the woman inside and looked at his older brother.

“Leave us, Noah. Even when Dantrell spoke softly, his voice sounded rolling and imperious.

The guy nodded and ran out.

The planter’s wife was truly a beautiful lady, the hottest and most luxurious white female that the former slave had ever met. Samantha Morris’s red tear-stained eyes looked at him with a frightened, barely readable reproach and at the same time pleading. The woman’s luxurious pale blue dress, covering her magnificent mature body, was torn to shreds and hung down in torn rags, revealing lush charms that were almost not hidden by anything. She tried desperately to cover herself with her hands, but could not hide herself from Dantrell’s eagerly devouring gaze. Her chestnut-colored hair, usually pulled back into a sophisticated hairstyle, was now loose and cascading downward. On the cheeks, red spots froze traces of heavy slaps.

“Come closer,” Dantrell ordered her, blowing rings of gray smoke from his mouth.

Samantha timidly approached on legs trembling with fear. Looking at her from head to toe, he sometimes stopped his gaze, now at the excessively large breasts puffing under the torn fabric, now at the sharp bends of the widely spaced hips. And how could such beauty go to such an ugly bastard as Reginald Morris? What could such a disgusting fatrest with a small growth between the legs give this delightful woman?

Dantrell rose and Samantha suddenly fell to her knees in front of him.

“Please,” she pleaded. “For heaven’s sake, stop this madness. My daughters! My dear young daughters … Why did you give them to be torn apart by these animals?

“These animals are my friends and brothers,” the nigga answered coldly. – Speak of them respectfully, for now they are gentlemen here, and you and your daughters are slaves.

Tears spilled from her eyes.

“They’ll kill my girls.

  • They won’t kill you. Just a little fun with them.
  • I heard their sobs! I saw how their tender tummies tense and swell from the huge processes of these scum … I beg you, Dantrell, let my daughters be left alone. I’m ready to take their place if I have to.

He just grinned at that.

“You’ve always been a kind and sensitive woman, Samantha, and it’s not your fault that your husband is a monster and your daughters are spoiled arrogant bitches. But despite this, I will be merciful and keep your daughters alive. However, Lisa and Meredith need redemption and re-education, which is what my people are doing now. Very soon they will become docile and polite girls. By giving birth to children from black men, they will quickly pacify their arrogance.

  • No! – the face of Samantha was distorted by a grimace of horror. “You can’t do that to them! You cannot treat your master’s daughters so cruelly!
  • He is no longer my master, woman! Dantrell yelled angrily and slapped her across the face. – Never dare to call him that again! I want you to understand one important thing from this day on – you whites are no longer in charge here. You are my slave, and I am your black master. He took her by the chin and made her look into his eyes full of righteous anger. – I could have given you for the use of my people who were hungry for a woman’s body, but I did not do it only out of respect, for you alone in this house were kind to me and the rest of the former slaves. And only because of this, from now on, you will become my personal slave. But, if you decide to disappoint me, then I will make you a total whore and until the end of your days you will serve the black members of your masters one by one in a circle, I promise you.

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