Manor of the black Lord. Part 4

Samantha suddenly remembered her first night with her husband, and how painful it was for her then to accept his masculine nature, how hard the tight walls of her vagina were stretched. But her husband’s cock was not even a candle to the fact that it was now swaying in front of her face. This thing will tear her apart if it goes inside, she thought in horror. But at the same time, a strange and long-forgotten feeling suddenly filled her lower abdomen. She remembered how she got used to the feeling of masculinity inside, how she later gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, and the next year, a second, Meredith. After giving birth, love joys with her husband ceased to bring her pleasure. When he entered her, she did not even feel it, sometimes she even fell asleep right during the process. Regenald was never long enough anyway. It erupted quickly and in small portions, after which it fell on its side and fell asleep with a sense of accomplishment. Over the years, their short-lived passion faded away, turning into mere disappointment. Samantha did not even remember the last time she made love to her husband. Now she had to do it for the first time with another man, and this man was a dark-skinned slave with a huge cock. If she wanted to run away, she couldn’t.

Dantrell towered over her as a huge black rock, frozen in anticipation of her actions. Swallowing a feeling of pride and disgust, she tentatively touched his loins, bursting with heat, clasping a thick organ in a tight ring. Grasping the shock of her brown hair again, he pulled her closer, forcing his sensual lips to touch the top of his cock with his sensual lips.

The woman tried to move away, but it was useless to fight with the male superior in strength. He wanted her to kiss his rod, to take it in her mouth, as dirty whores do. But Samantha was of noble blood. She should not give a man such caresses. She wanted to object, but immediately remembered how it could end.

Wiping away her tears, and wrinkling her little nose, she touched her lips to the massive black head. Then she kissed the bumpy trunk and the eggs hanging underneath. Dantrell pressed his free hand against her jaw, forcing her mouth open wide, and immediately pushed his chocolate snake into it. The woman choked, rolled her eyes, and made a dull, bubbling sound. Nigga’s dick reeked of piss and cum. She tasted the tart taste of his flesh.

He leaned back a little, and then again plunged his phallus inside her open mouth to the limit. The abundant saliva served as a natural lubricant. Realizing what was required of her, Samantha covered the hot rod with her lips more tightly and sucked it in with a loud depraved sound.

  • Oooh, yeah! Dantrell said.

Seeing that this was to his liking, she began to try harder, in the hope that this would make him come sooner, and he would leave her alone. Sitting with her mouth on his spear, she connected her tongue to the caresses, which danced along the surface of the penis every time it penetrated deep inside.

Nigga do not stand on ceremony with her, pressed on his head, forcing him to swallow a body more deeply. When he penetrated her throat, Samantha was twisted by vomiting spasms, but she, although with difficulty, overcame them.

Her jaw was numb, and the woman felt that she would no longer be able to close her mouth when the nigga’s cock left him. What would Regenald say now, seeing how she pleases his slave with her lips and roomy throat? Instead of rejecting her, this nightmare thought made the warmth in her belly expand even more. The woman began to drive her away, but more and more depraved thoughts crept into her head. It’s all nigga’s fault He poisoned her! He gave her some evil potion to drink that made her mad!

It took quite a long time before Dantrell got tired of flirting with a cock in her obliging mouth. During this time Redzhenald could discharge twice, but the second time it is usually not enough, but the nigger was not even close to its end.

The phallus slid out of the wet opening of her mouth, and Samantha forced her jaws together with difficulty. Her chin was wet with bubbling saliva and her eyes were clouded over. When Dantrell lifted her to her feet in one jerk, she realized with horror that her crotch was damp.

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