Manor of the black Lord. Part 5

Nigga pulled the remains of her once beautiful dress, leaving a woman alone in elegant trousers, tight-fitting wide round hips and there was a great big ass after giving birth. Her huge milk breasts immediately jumped out towards the rough male hands. Dantrell squeezed them tightly, as if kneading dough, pulling and twisting nipples that had suddenly become sensitive. Samantha squealed in response to his unceremonious pawing.

Meanwhile, the nigga was already fumbling with his hands over her lush, breathing blush and health of the body. He eagerly inhaled the scent of a white woman, biting into her lips with deep and passionate kisses, slowly moving them to her neck and shoulders. When he clasped her nipple aching from recent manipulations with his thick lips, and his hands firmly squeezed the soft pliant ass, she was frightened to realize that her master’s caresses bring her pleasure.

The fabric of the pantaloons cracked under his onslaught, and in a moment everything that was left of them flew to the side. Dantrell slightly parted the elastic hemispheres to the sides, and she felt how his thick finger began to massage the tight hole of the posterior opening. The sensations were so new that she gasped and grabbed his tense biceps with her hands. Pressing lightly on the tight entrance, the master’s finger penetrated into her rectum. Samantha jerked her pelvis and instinctively leaned forward. The mighty member of the man holding her in his arms rested straight into her soft belly, slightly pressed inward.

A finger moved inside her body, making the woman utter indecent groans. Her mature body of a thirty-eight-year-old woman fiercely responded to caresses, forcing the bosom to open and release sticky transparent streams.

Having played enough with the ass of his slave, Dantrell took his finger out of the dark ring tightly gripping him and moved his hand to the woman’s crotch, covered with a triangle of wet hair. His fingers quickly found wet petals that had opened to the sides and a small compacted ball above them. When he pressed on him, Samantha sighed languidly and pressed harder against his rigid torso with her full breasts.

His fingers began to squeeze into her cave and she, hospitably opening, let them inside almost without resistance. Feeling how wet she was, Dantrell couldn’t help but grin.

“Your pussy is flowing and wants to get a big black cock,” he said in her ear.

No, she wanted to say, but lying to her master was foolish.

Stretching the folds of her vagina, the owner crumpled the ripe fruits of heavy breasts with his free hand.

“You have a beautiful body,” Dantrell said. – Wide pelvis for easy childbirth and large breasts for feeding my babies.

Samantha blushed. She was embarrassed by such compliments that they made her feel like a thing, a tool for bearing offspring of a huge black man, but this feeling also had something attractive, some kind of animal nature that awakened long-forgotten instincts in her.

The planter’s wife did not even suspect that so many years after the birth of her daughters, she would have to become pregnant again, give birth and breastfeed babies. Is she still capable of this?

Having admired her fine, slightly plump body, Dantrell, pleased with his white mistress, pulled his fingers out of her wet slit and turned his back to him. Samantha was taken aback. He was going to take her the way male animals take their females – from behind. Raised in a Catholic family, the woman never made love this way. The husband always laid her on her back and climbed on top. But now she is no longer his wife.

Big nigga palms fell on her waist. He forced her to bend, and the woman obeyed him unquestioningly. Thighs, wet from juices, immediately parted to the sides, the contours of thick muscles appeared through the skin. The gap overgrown with dark hair opened invitingly, exposing the moist pink interior.

Dantrell put the head of his huge penis to the juicy bud, slightly moved it from the bottom up, and, pressing, began his advancement into the female womb.

Samantha shuddered as the walls of her vagina stretched out, barely allowing Mr. Dantrell’s black rod into the depths. Beside himself with pain Nakata, a woman tried to escape and fly off the massive guns nigga, but he had already gripped his slave’s waist, gradually penetrating into it farther and farther. For a moment, this torture stopped when the man’s member reached the bottom, and there was nowhere to move deeper.

Despite the huge size of the phallus, Samantha’s insides were able to take it into itself as a whole, albeit with great difficulty. It seemed to the woman that if she moved, then everything inside her would immediately burst, but nothing like that happened. With each new second, the slave’s vagina became more and more accustomed to the size of the master’s penis, stretching and adjusting to it. Thick black fingers quickly found the tubercle of her clitoris, returning pleasant sensations to the woman’s exhausted body.

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