Manor of the black Lord. Part 7

The next year’s harvest was good.

The manor smelled of delicious food and breast milk. Newborn babies squeaked loudly, looking for mothers nipples with their hungry mouths. Dantrell stood by the window, reading from a rumpled sheet of paper the message of the end of the war, written in confused handwriting. It had recently been taught to read by a white slave who was now waiting for her master upstairs.

Sighing with relief, he set fire to a paper sheet from the flame of a candle and, after waiting for it to burn out, went to the stairs. Several pregnant white women were resting on the sofa, snoring softly. Among them he recognized the faces of Lisa and Meredith. The girls slept sweetly, holding their swollen bellies with their hands.

Samantha, holding two happy-faced twin babies in her arms, watched them suck milk from her heavy, large breasts. When her master appeared on the threshold, the lower abdomen ached out of habit.

The black man pulled off his shirt, pulled his huge black phallus out of his pants, which was rapidly filling with strength at the sight of a nursing woman, and approached her. Their bodies contrasted sharply against each other.

Sitting on the edge of the large bed, she spread her thick thighs apart. A pink, wet slit, shaved by his own order, appeared before his eyes. Putting the head of the penis to her, he with one push fell deep into the eagerly sucking insides of him. The woman groaned. Milk spurted from her nipples, pouring past the mouths of the helpless little niggas.

Dantrell felt Samantha’s vagina tightly gripped his hot club, and swayed inside it.

“Milk keeps coming and coming,” she complained to the man. – They can’t drink everything.

“So you’ll get me drunk tonight,” Dantrell said, looking at her breasts sagging from the weight.

The babies fell asleep sweetly in their mother’s arms.

Dantrell had to grit his teeth so as not to wake them up as he emptied his balls with a sweet sense of relief, pouring the slave’s insides with liquid white as her skin. Feeling his seed inside herself, she also finished, almost silently, shaking finely with her whole body and spilling several heavy jets of her juice on the sheets.

Nine months later, Samantha will give birth to another son.

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