Masha and Christina

The clock was 11 am and the parents had long gone to work. Someone tried unsuccessfully to open the door with the keys, but Masha was not worried about the fact that it might be someone else. She went to the door and looked through the peephole; her assumptions, as always, came true – the older sister was outside the door. Masha helped open the door and Christina barely burst into the apartment: she looked, to say the least, shabby, all that was missing was smeared lipstick on her face …

“Hi,” Christina said timidly, looking away.

Masha did not answer, letting her older sister into the room. Christina passed and began to pull off her clothes. She took off her top, took off her socks and skirt. To Masha’s surprise (or maybe not to surprise), Christina did not have panties. However, no comments followed this time either. Christina began to spread the bed.

  • Will you sleep?
  • I am very tired, I would like to get some sleep … if you will allow.
  • Take a shower first, you look disgusting!
  • I’m very tired, maybe later?

Masha gave Christina a resounding slap in the face and ordered to immediately go to the shower.

Christina went into the bathroom, took off her bra and only now found that she was not wearing panties.

  • I’ll have to call Misha, ask where my panties are … or Vova, or … although I’d better put on new ones.

At that moment Masha entered the bath, she was no longer wearing her clothes. She turned on the water in the shower stall and roughly pushed Christina inside. Lathering her hands, she turned her back to her and began to massage her shoulders. Not to say that Christina was surprised – she was used to the antics of her younger sister, but it was something new. Masha turned her around to face her and began stroking Christina’s breasts, lightly touching her nipples. Christina was immediately aroused, her nipples were hard; Masha washed off the soap suds from them and began to suck them, caressing her tongue one by one.

  • Do you like? She asked her older sister. “You should like it, all whores like being fucked without asking.

With these words, Masha thrust two fingers into Christine’s vagina and began to fuck her older sister. She took Christina’s hands, placed them on her breasts and made her massage her nipples. Despite the age of twelve, Masha’s breasts were already fully formed, even her older sister sometimes envied her.

Noticing that Christina liked this development of events, she increased the speed of movement of her fingers. Christina began to moan lightly, then louder and louder. Involuntarily, she moved her hands from her breasts lower to her waist, felt Masha’s clitoris and began stroking it. Masha touched her lips to hers – the older sister did not resist.

“Stick your tongue in my mouth,” she ordered Christine.

She submitted and shamelessly began to walk with her tongue in Masha’s mouth.

“You’re still small and inexperienced, you don’t even know how to kiss,” she said to her younger sister, after which Masha thrust almost her entire hand into her vagina and began to bite her lips.

Christina cried out in pain and wanted to push her away from herself with her hands, but Masha was stronger. She pressed her tightly with her body to the wall of the shower room and began to frantically fuck Christina with her hand, so that she began to scream, but there was nothing she could do.

After a while Masha took pity on her and again began to insert only two fingers into her pussy.

  • You must stop hysteria and start enjoying yourself again, otherwise I will have you again as a groom and a mare.

Christina was a little dazed at these words, but it helped her cope with tears. This was not her first lesbian experience, and she was a lesbian: sometimes she fucked some of her friends or just girls she knew just because she liked to please others, but sex with Masha was always magnificent and unbridled, it was transcendental sex – the mere thought of incest with her younger sister gave her great pleasure.

Perhaps, if his father were not such a hairy hog and his breath didn’t smell, Christina would have seduced him too …

To help Christina calm down to the end, Masha smeared her fingers with body milk and began to enter her ass with them. This was somewhat unpleasant for Christina, because more than one guy had been in her point last night, moreover, it was a world record for anal sex in one night, and her ass just burned from the inside, but what can’t you do for your beloved sister …

“I have the best sister in the world, perhaps I love her more than anyone else in the world,” thought Christina and tightly squeezed Masha’s buttocks.

Masha rewarded her with a hot kiss, turned her sister with her back to herself, put her cancer and first began to lick her ass, and then switched to the clitoris. Christina was just in seventh heaven: a pleasant warmth spread over her body, she had never experienced such pleasure with any person before. At some point, Masha raised her sister, leaned her against the wall of the shower stall and pressed her boobs against her, further increasing the pace of her fucking, while working with her hand.

In anticipation of the best orgasm of her life, Christina began to moan even louder and bend her back in time with her younger sister’s hand.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” she said, and Masha was working faster and faster with her fingers in her pussy.

“But I hate you,” Masha said at the moment when her sister began to wriggle furiously on the eve of orgasm and was about to erupt.

She took her hand away and took two steps back from her sister.

Christina turned to her with a questioning look; she seemed to be falling into some kind of abyss, everything broke off inside her, she felt her own pulse in her head and the elusive pleasure was given by the pain in her body.

  • Please, no, I beg you, go on, don’t do this to me!

She fell to her knees and began kissing her sister’s feet; a hail of tears rolled from her eyes, she asked her sister to continue, but Masha did not seem to hear her. The younger sister pushed Christina’s head away from her feet and hit her hard in the face with her palm.

  • You are a dirty whore and not worthy of my love, let the sailors fuck you from the nearest pier.

“But this is so unfair, because I love you so much! She shouted after Masha who was leaving.

Christina was squatting in the shower alone, bitter tears flowing from her eyes …

  • I love you very much…

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