Meeting a friend

In the summer, when I was 18, I was admitted to the therapy department. I was alone in the ward, and it was terribly boring. The mood is at zero – I broke up with my boyfriend and then he was admitted to the hospital. Get out! But I never expected Lyosha to come into the room. We corresponded for a long time, and I wanted to meet with him, but I was shy. We had a purely friendly relationship. They liked to have fun with each other, called each other every evening. In general, we had fun. I was numb. He sat down on the edge of the bunk and held out a chocolate bar.

  • You wrote in the status that you want chocolate, I decided to fulfill your wish.
  • Thank you, you are a real magician, – I was just lying under a dropper and could not open and eat my favorite sweet right away, which made me sad. Lyosha put his hand on my leg.
  • Don’t touch my fat thighs!
  • Normal thighs, why are you soaring? And your chest is really small, – this impudent put his hand on my first size. I was lying in a top without a bra and in shorts.
  • What are you doing, Lyosha take away! – I tried to remove his claw with my free hand.
  • But you want it!
  • In terms of?
  • Don’t lie, you like me. Do you think I misunderstood? Baby, I’m 22 years old, I will have more experience than yours. Admit it honestly. For example, I like you too. You see, everything is mutual.

He struck in the heart. Yes, I liked Lesha, but I would not admit it in my life.

“You think too much of yourself. I like you as a friend, but not as a guy.

“Don’t gaps, I suppose you flow like a bitch when you see me.

“Believe it or not, it’s not.

  • We argue? – Alexey stepped over the line: he climbed into my panties, and it was wet there, as though angry.
  • Lyosha! – I could only scream.
  • You see, kid, it’s useless to lie to me. Okay, I will not torture you, you will call when you are done.
  • Go away! – I said in tears.

Finally the day came when I was discharged. I called Lesha, and he offered to meet after work, drink a beer. I had a summer vacation, why not brighten it up with a nice person. Yes, he acted disgustingly, but I forgave him and wanted to see him again. As I entered his house, my temples pounded. We sat down in the hall, opened beer and chips. We talked about different topics. And suddenly, he asked me.

  • Are you virgin? Did you have anything?
  • Yes, we still met for over a year. That is, I am no longer a girl.
  • Was it in your mouth?
  • Do you want to fuck me and know in advance how advanced I am?
  • You read my mind, I am ashamed.
  • And, in my opinion, you are not familiar with the feeling of shame.

“You’re not a timid guy either. There is no need to pretend to be an innocent lamb. You want sex with me. Your eyes burn when you look at me. Well, tell me: do you want me?

My heart pounded. The nipples are hard. His face was bloodshot. He shoots too well. I didn’t want to surrender to him one hundred percent, there was some doubt. But when Lyosha kissed me without waiting for an answer, all the barriers were broken. He quickly took off my shirt, unbuttoned my bra and took my small breasts into his mouth. With dexterous movements of his mouth and tongue, my friend gave me pleasure. I even ceased to be ashamed of my small size, although I knew that he loves from “C” and above. He ripped off my denim shorts and purple panties and drove me to ecstasy by making a Cooney. His hot tongue licked my wet crotch, not forgetting about the clitoris, or about the labia minora. And even got to my vagina.

  • Already finished? Take your time, the most important orgasm awaits you.

I was already passionately longing for his penis inside me, and was in seventh heaven when his strong 19 cm trunk sank into my pussy.

  • What about a condom? – I remembered.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll stick it out in time,” and he leaned over to me with a passionate kiss. Lesha moved quickly, his cock easily slid in my wet pussy. I was lying on my back, he fucked me hard, clutching my chest. Later, I took a cowgirl pose and had my first vaginal orgasm. A friend pulled out his instrument and pointed it into my mouth. I sucked for only a minute, such a large size was unusual for me, but I did it and a trickle of sperm splashed on my face. With my finger, I collected the male juice from my face and tasted it. Delicious, salty.

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