Meeting for a cup of coffee

Madam, went into a cafe. It was quite crowded. There were several business centers nearby, and many came here after work to have dinner, have a couple of glasses of beer and discuss everyday work.

In the far corner at the table, Mistress was already waiting for her slave. They had known each other for two months. We spent several sessions and got to know each other quite well during this time. Although they did not see each other so often.

  • Good evening, Lady! I miss you very much – said Yegor.

Lady, gently hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. He helped her take off her raincoat and took it to the wardrobe.

They ordered two large cappuccino and ice cream for which the establishment was famous. A young and very smiling waitress brought their order pretty quickly.

For ten minutes they talked sweetly about work, about their mood. Egor began to talk about a new project that was entrusted to him. Suddenly, the Lady interrupted him.

“Do you see those guys sitting across from us? Which one do you like best?

Yegor was embarrassed by surprise.

  • Madam, you know I only like you.
  • But my Bitch wants to surrender to a man, right? So who would you choose? … Answer!

The bitch lowered her eyes a little and blushed. Then she carefully examined those guys who were sitting two tables away from them.

  • The one in the sweater, Lady.

At that table sat three young people aged 30-35. Two were in jeans and jackets, one in skinny pants and a navy blue sweater. It was noticeable that they were working together, because you could hear them discussing work issues … something related to the sale of some equipment. They drank beer slowly and chatted happily. Those who were in jackets constantly laughed, the guy whom Yegor pointed out was more modest. He spoke least of all and only smiled.

  • I liked him too. You and I have the same tastes – said the Lady and smiled softly, stroking her Bitch on the cheek.
  • Would you give yourself to him? She asked.
  • Yes Milady.
  • What do you think his penis?

The bitch closed her eyes.

  • I think it is 18 centimeters, average in thickness. Very hard. He has a shaved pubis. He has a beautiful head …
  • Mmm … The bitch was dreaming … flowed! – said the Lady with a smile. – Look, he noticed that we were looking at him. And if he comes up to us now and offers to go to him, shall we go?
  • As you order, Madam.
  • Yes, let’s go. I also want this man. First, we’ll have sex with him. And at the same time you will caress us with your mouth … He must be kissing very passionately … Do you have condoms?
  • Yes Milady.
  • Clever, my slut always has them with her – continued the Mistress with a grin, – You will excite us with your tongue, and when he wants to enter me you will put a condom on his penis. Okay? … We’ll fuck with him for a long time. You just have to watch. As he finishes, you lick me off and drink all my juices, there will be a lot of them … And you take off the condom and you go to the bathroom together, and you gently wash his penis with water … Got it?
  • Yes Milady.
  • Do not worry. We will rest a little and have fun with your holes. There is a lot of time until the morning!

At this time, the guys stood up together and began to get ready. They headed towards the wardrobe.

The Mistress looked with a smile at her Bitch. It was noticeable that she was a little nervous and bit her lips slightly.

  • What, excited?

Madam, I took a notebook out of my bag. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her phone number on it.

  • Now, take your cup of coffee and this leaf. Walk past the dressing room. Go to that young man and tell him that your friend liked him. Give him this piece of paper, and if he has a desire to meet, let him write to me in whatsapp.
  • Okay, Madam. – Yegor was very scared, but his devotion to his Lady covered this fear.
  • That’s not all. Then go to the toilet. Come into the booth and cum in your cup of coffee. Got it? Go!

Egor handed the note to the guy. He was a little surprised. From far away I looked at the girl at the table in the far corner again. He smiled and gently patted Yegor on the shoulder. “I’ll think about it,” he said with a smile.

There was no one in the toilet, Yegor went into the booth. He was very excited about everything that was happening. He pulled down his pants and started jerking off. At that moment someone came in, Yegor stopped and did not breathe. The stranger did his business and went out. Within 10 seconds, semen filled the surface of the paper coffee cup.

The bitch sat down at the table, saying that she did everything as the Lady ordered.

  • Well. You are the best Bitch ever!

She took a spoon and stirred the same coffee. And she pushed him over to Yegor. Raised her glass.

  • For you! – said with a smirk and at the same time with tenderness in her eyes.

They took several sips in silence.

  • Sorry, I interrupted you. What did you say there about a new project at work? …

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