Meeting with Paul

My name is Slava, my wife Nadezhda. We are a young married couple. We came to swing on my initiative, I wanted to try MMF like in a porn movie. There was little to do – to find a candidate.

I went to a dating site and created a profile, where I indicated what I wanted, age and requirements. Within two months, he selected those who wanted, among them there were few men who were not afraid and sent photos. Either my wife didn’t like it, then I didn’t. They did not come to a common opinion.

A week later, a guy wrote, not suitable in age, but stubborn. Correspondence ensued, we found out about him, he about us. The guy’s name was Pavel. A tall, thin young man. Works in a taxi.

It’s time to meet, agree on a place and time. Cafe at nine in the evening. We go along the dark alley to the cafe. Paul turns out to be talkative, modest and likable. In general, the impression of him is good. He did not seem to his wife very much, to me, a guy, as a guy. There is a modest, moderately chatty and experience of meeting with couples. After listening to the opinion of his wife and considering his own, he decided to meet.

Phoned, agreed for the evening.

We are standing with my wife at the bus stop, waiting for Pavel. We go into the apartment, inspect the hole, in a word. Three-ruble note on the 6th floor, two rooms are renovated, the third is covered with foil. We cut fruit, get some alcohol, look at each other, everyone understands why we are here.

We ask where he works, what he does, how he is with couples, what he likes, we answer his questions, we do not prefer anal sex, we discuss positions.

We’ve been sitting at the table for an hour and a half. Everyone understands that it is necessary to move on to action. I get up and invite everyone to go to the bathroom. Pavel says that he washed, my wife and I will climb into the bathtub together. I could not restrain myself and pressed her soft breasts. My favorite second size.

I’m all in anticipation of a cool fuck, I’ve been thinking about it all day, the boner has already tortured me. We leave in a good mood, especially me. Pavel has already settled on the bed and is waiting for us. I myself am shy, went out in shorts, Nadezhda covered herself with a towel, Pavel in shorts. We lay down on the bed, Nadezhda in the middle.

  • What am I going to do with you?
  • The body will tell you.

Let’s move on to caresses. Pavel kisses his lips, caresses his neck, squeezes his chest, sucking on Nadia’s nipples, the towel has long since slid to the floor. I caress my stomach, massage my ass, playfully stick my fingers into my wife’s pussy, she is excited and reacts to my caresses, wagging her booty. I throw off my panties on the floor, spread my wife’s hips and caress her pussy with my tongue. Two fingers enter the bosom, tearing it. The tongue found the clitoris and begins to lick it. Pussy becomes wet, fingers slide faster and faster, pushing the petals of red lips.

I lift my eyes higher.

Pavel energetically fucks my wife in the mouth, squeezing his breasts with his hands. His penis is thick, but short. But, despite the thickness of the penis, Nadezhda skillfully takes it entirely.

I change Pavel, and he energetically begins to lick his wife’s pussy. Her legs begin to tremble, a groan escapes her lips. The wife finished first.

Putting on an elastic band, Pasha abruptly enters the opened vagina and begins to eagerly fuck. Five minutes later, as if full, slows down and slowly plunges his penis into my wife’s pussy. At this time, Nadezhda skillfully makes me a blowjob, moan loudly with pleasure and cum on her chest.

Pavel turns Nadia on his stomach and starts to fuck with cancer, then increasing, then slowing down the pace. His balls loudly spank my wife’s ass. Pavel fucks for another ten minutes and cums in the pussy. The used rubber band flies to the floor.

Nadia lies on her back and I enter the pussy. It’s wet inside. I continue to string my wife on my penis, watching how my breasts sway with each push.

Pavel runs a member over Hope’s lips and sinks inside. His phallus comes to life and takes on combat readiness. Podrachivaya member, she, as if trying to pull deep into herself. Down the throat. Pasha suggests trying a new pose. I readily agree.

He lies down on his back, pulling Nadia onto him. Places it on his spear.

  • Let’s fuck her with two members.
  • It’s like, we don’t like anal.
  • Come into her pussy from above too.
  • Okay, I have to try, something new.

Paul is already in the vagina, squeeze a member and enter. There is a lot of space inside. We begin to hammer this hole. The wife is crazy. Pasha’s movements are limited by a pose, I parted and rammed my bosom with my weapon, holding my hands on the butt sticking out to the top.

  • Good.

Discomfort is only from Pasha’s elastic band in my wife’s vagina, when my penis quickly crawls, penetrating deeper and deeper. I have no strength to restrain myself, I make a sharp push and water the uterus with sperm. Taking out a member, I go to the bath.

When I returned, I saw Nadia lying on her back. Pasha, raising her legs high and throwing them over his shoulders, fucks hard. Moans fill the room. Slowing down the pace, he ends up and goes to the bath.

I seize the initiative and with renewed vigor I fuck my wife with cancer, this is her favorite position and she drags on her. From time to time I put my phallus in her mouth. She licks him and sucks. I can’t cum, but I drill my pussy for a while.

Together we go to the bath, discussing sex on the go.

The dull curtains of the bathroom are reminiscent of the squalid furnishings of the apartment. Trying not to pay attention to it, we wash.

Pavel is waiting for us in the hallway, dressed, and rush to the call. On the way down, his wife calls him several times, we hear them swear.

Jumping into the minibus, we go home.

At home we discuss who liked what, there were disadvantages, but more advantages from the meeting.

This is how our first MMF experience went.

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