I’m 33 and I started writing stories. And I am writing about what happened, until I fantasize, and I am still a dreamer, a pervert! Nightmare, think about it. The guy is standing, and he writes stories about sex. I will write how I want it to be. I’ll dream up. I will turn on my fantasy to the fullest.

After work I come home and turn on the computer. The old hard disk of the computer rustles quietly, another moment and I get admission to the Internet. I open the mamba, looking for messages from singles, because at the moment we are looking for them.

Good luck, there is! I rub my hands and read the message. His name is Andrey, 45 years old and according to the questionnaire he fits, our requirements agree. We have been writing for two days, and I decide to meet.

I pick up my wife from work and cross paths in the park. Let’s go chatting and drinking beer. A modest man, single, lives alone, with couples there is experience, what else is needed. We liked him, we’ll meet.

He called first, offered to drink tea at his house. We do not mind and agreed for tomorrow, at seven o’clock. Shower, shaved, adventure ready. The good feeling doesn’t leave me all day. We meet at the store, buy groceries, alcohol, and rush into the apartment. An ordinary bachelor’s apartment, tidied up for the arrival of guests. We settle in the hall, the table allows.

We talk, eat, drink. The clock is half past nine, but no action. Andrey offers a game of forfeits. We write our desires on five pieces of paper and fulfill them. A total of 15 wishes. We stir, look at each other, Andrey takes the first. Kiss your neighbor on the neck, reads aloud. Well, she kisses Nadezhda on the neck. Now it’s her turn. Reads, take off the pants from the neighbor on the right. Andrey is on the right and takes off from him, exposing his swimming trunks.

Now I take. Desire – bare your torso completely. I take off my sweater and T-shirt. Then there were desires – kiss your chest, take off your panties, kiss, stroke your ass, and in the same spirit. We played for about an hour and somehow got closer.

I was sitting in my shorts, Andrei was in one T-shirt, he had taken off his swimming trunks earlier, Nadya was all red with embarrassment, in shorts and a bra half-deflated after desire. Having drunk another portion of alcohol, we joke vulgarly and laugh. Andrei says that he needs to wash the dishes and leaves for the kitchen, we hear the clatter of plates.

I’m starting to pester my wife. A bra flies to the floor, he is embarrassed to take off his panties, but alcohol dulls modesty and, caressing my tummy and hips, I take them off. In order not to hear no, I kiss firmly on the lips and, dropping lower, I fall to the wet pussy lips.

Hope is all wet. The panties previously removed were wet. I caress the clitoris with my tongue and feel how it increases, from touching it, the wife begins to tremble. Ends noisily, a wave of pleasure passes through her body.

I turn it over on my tummy and immediately go into a wet vagina, my penis enters completely. I make smooth thrusts, alternating with fast ones. I completely withdraw the penis and thrust it all the way, with a squelch he plunges into the pussy. Andrei approaches noiselessly, he was looking around the corner. I make room for him and step aside. The hitch lasts five seconds, and Nadezhda does not notice the change. His penis is slightly thicker than mine, but his wife’s vagina accepts it immediately. A dim light is on in the room, and only the squelching of a member in the vagina breaks the silence.

Andrey ends up on his wife’s ass, I take my place and energetically continue to fuck my wife with cancer. Emboldened, Andrei puts his penis in her mouth, brief confusion and she deeply swallows it, licking the head. I cum inside and, squeezing every drop, stick out my penis. Andrey is already standing, and he turns Nadia onto his back. Widely spreading and pressing his legs to his chest, he enters her pussy slowly and, introducing a penis, completely freezes, after spending some time inside, begins to quickly rotate his hips, pushing deeper.

Under pressure, Nadezhda begins to moan. I put my cock in my mouth and squeeze my breasts. Andrei, carried away by the process, does not have time to pull out the penis and ends up in my wife. I can hardly restrain myself, I take out my penis from my wife’s mouth and finish in her vagina.

We go to the bath, slowly soaping Nadezhda with a sponge. Andrey lathers her breasts, his penis is stuck and he offers to go into the hall to continue the pleasures. I propose to work out two in one. Andrei lies down on the bed, Nadia sits down on top of his penis, I sit down from behind and enter the pussy.

Making jerks, our members rub in the vagina against each other. I completely go out and sharply thrust my penis, feeling my wife trembling under my shocks. I go into a rage and with quick jerks I bring myself to orgasm, throwing a stream of sperm into my spouse.

Nadezhda begins to swing on Andrey’s penis, making up and down movements, controlling the speed and depth of penetration. Unable to withstand such a pace, Andrei takes out his penis and cums on the chest and face of Nadezhda.

We move into the bathroom. I spank my wife’s ass, rub against her with a sluggish dick, she plays with Andrey’s dick, licks his head and takes a fragile dick in her mouth. Soft and defenseless, it quickly gains strength. Nadezhda deeply swallows a member, massaging the trunk and fingering the testicles. Andrei strains all over, and a strong stream of sperm splashes out on Nadia’s face, falling into an open mouth.

After washing, we dress and go out into the street. Andrey accompanies us to the stop and thanks us for a great evening. We are heading home, sharing impressions.

Our next adventure has come to an end, adding to our piggy bank of entertainment.

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