Mom was no problem

My name is Denis, I’m 23 years old. Briefly about myself: height – 183, excellent figure: strong shoulders, wide back, pumped up muscles of the calves and thighs, a member, I will not hide 22 cm – in general, in terms of physiology, I am a “man of dreams.”

I first experienced a strong attraction to girls at the age of 14. But most importantly, the first woman to make me horny was my own mother. She, of course, is not a model, but the figure and appearance are what you need! Breast size 3, elastic (she is in the gym) ass, long slender legs and very beautiful facial features: round eyes, a pointed nose and plump lips – in short, any normal man would want her. Actually, more to the point …

It was winter outside and it was very cold. On that day, my mother and I went to our dacha, and since our family, my mother and I (I did not have a dad), were more than well-to-do, we had an excellent fast jeep that could fit 8 people at a time, spacious overall. I was sitting in the front seat to the right of the driver’s seat. From the very beginning of our journey, my mother was chatting on the phone with a friend, and then I accidentally looked in the mirror from above and saw how her breasts fell out of her neckline so that her wonderful pink papilla opened up to my eyes. I didn’t know what to do, my cock stood up, but my mother could not see it. The road was long and therefore a few minutes after this incident I fell asleep, and woke up only when we drove up to the dacha. There our watchman, Labrodor Lars, was waiting for us. We got out of the car and headed towards the entrance to the house. Mom said:

  • Day, I’m in the shower, and you go light the fireplace.
  • Okay, Mom.

I did as I was told and went to watch TV. When my mother came out of the shower stall, she came into my room, wrapped in one large, but barely covering her shaven, as I thought, pubis towel. She bent her back to her bag to get her clean panties. And then there was something, I couldn’t believe my eyes: I had a view of my mother’s pussy, I dreamed of seeing it for a long time and then … In general, I got excited again and all my 24 cm in a matter of seconds turned into a solid pillar. Mom, taking out the linen, went out to get dressed. Analyzing what I had just seen, I could not calm down – now I wanted to fuck her insolently.

It was late at night, my mother sat in the hall, and I went to my room to jerk off. Half an hour passed, I was about to go to bed, but suddenly … my mother came into my room with a request to help her in the kitchen, and she left. I, anticipating that I might be waiting there, obediently got up and went to my destination. When I entered there, my mother appeared in front of me in an almost transparent peignoir, clearly showing through her lush breasts and small panties tightly fitting her pussy. I could do nothing with myself – I hellishly wanted to pounce on her and fry her in full, but everything has its time … She climbed into a chair and said to me:

  • I will serve you cans, and you put them under the table.
  • Okay, mom.

When we finished, she got down from the chair and we went to the hall. And then a completely unexpected conversation began between us:

  • Denis, I see that your penis is very strong at the sight of me. What do you want your own mother?
  • Mom … well, I am … well, you are so beautiful with me, despite the fact that you haven’t had a man for so long
  • So what. Tell me honestly, do you want to fuck me right here and now?
  • Yes, I really want to, mom!
  • Well, son, give me a condom from my purse.

I gave it to her, she put it on my penis, which had almost torn my panties, and began to jerk me off.

  • Like this?
  • Yeah … very ..

She moved her hand faster and faster over my penis, squeezing it with her palm so eagerly that I asked her to slow down so as not to cum right away, and take it into my mouth.

  • As you say, my lord.

At one point she swallowed it along with the testicles to the very tonsils, and from what I saw I just went nuts.
What only women who have not fucked for a long time are capable of … When she finished sucking, I put my noodle between her tits and began to move back and forth. It gave me a lot of buzz … Well, then I turned my mother’s bowls towards me and slowly, lightly stroking her clitoris with the head of my penis, entered. He almost fainted, but I held her back and we continued. I moved my cock quickly to show her all my power …

  • Yeah, yeah, oh my God … How huge he is! More, more … Stronger. Fuck me!

I answered only with modest groans.
Then I decided it was time to try her ass. Having smeared my mother’s rather elastic anal with saliva, I abruptly entered and slightly tore it, there was a little blood, but neither I nor she paid attention. I’ve been fucking her for about half an hour or an hour, and then the moment came – I realized that I was coming. Not having time to pull my dick out of her vagina, I finished her right in the colon … She gasped from a stream of hot sperm, and fell on my stomach, I pulled out my penis, and realized that she was already passed out, went to the shower.

The next morning, my insatiable mom woke me up with a passionate kiss on the lips, I was stunned by surprise.

  • Den, do you understand what happened between us yesterday? This is incest all the same – not legal, as it were.
  • Mom, but you liked it?
  • Hmm, mischievous! You can’t hide anything from you. I have never had such a giant in my life. Any friend of mine would give you! ”- and then she began to list their names.
  • What about a joint orgy?
  • Yes, I’m only FOR! And my friends won’t even have to be persuaded as soon as I tell them the number 22 cm.

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