Mother slave. Part 2

Then I just left. But there was also a second case. Likewise, this time on purpose, I returned early from college and again found her dirty masturbating. This time she watched porn with a bdsm bias. In some barn, a beautiful slender blonde in only shoes, a mustachioed country man was whipping with a whip. Moreover, it was not vanilla bdsm, he lashed it extremely hard, the woman screamed, tears flowed from her eyes. The whip left bloody furrows on her back and buttocks. But then it was even crazier. The mustache fucked the woman in the ass. His cock was huge, he fucked hard, roughly. The lady screamed at the whole barn, gritted her teeth. And then he grabbed her by the hair and took her to the stable, put her under the black stallion and made her please the horse. The woman greedily sucked the horse’s cock, bringing the animal to a profuse orgasm.

And this is the kind of porn my mother watched, arriving at home on sick leave. Everything turned upside down in my head. I began to look at her from a completely different angle. And then I found out that she has a lover. But about everything consistently.

When she went to work, the first thing I did was sit down at her computer and check the browser history. The entire week-long history of the search was filled with dirty porn: Mature woman gangbanged, Young boys anally punished friend’s mom, Mature whore licks the anus of a young guy, Mother fucks her son, Son fucks mother in the ass, Whipping, Cruel whipping, Slut drinks piss and swallows sperm, Son pissing in the mother’s mouth, A woman pleases a horse, A girl is fucked by a dog, Mature drinks horse sperm, Licking male asses, Licking a hairy ass, Bitch drinking urine and licking ass, Exhibitionist in the park, Naked walks around the city, Mother is a slave to her son.

My head was spinning from the abundance of such dirty porn videos. But the last name turned on a kind of toggle switch in my head. Does she, in the hidden corners of her mind, dream of being my slave? It was not for nothing that she watched these videos, there were quite a few videos with incest orientation.

And then I decided to go through her personal folders. They were not even hidden, only hidden deep. I found what I was looking for. There were several intimate photos, and wildly frank ones. It was in these photographs that I first saw my mother naked. I was amazed at how delicious her boobs are. Simply gorgeous. As I have not noticed before, even through the dress. Such juicy, fleshy, heavy in appearance, not yet saggy, with large halos of puffy nipples. There were many pictures of her taking pictures of her breasts. They were also full-length. Then I noticed her feminine wide hips and almost flat tummy with a light layer of fat. She looked great for forty-three. In some pictures she had a hairy pubis, on others smooth as pebbles. In some pictures, she shot her pussy big. How do you think it would be like looking at your mother’s cunt? AND? At first it is creepy, and then you start to get excited by the realization of the forbidden, taboo. The son should not see the mother’s cunt, but I did. She had a wide slit with plump labia, it is clear that she was not a girl. You can even understand how old a woman is from her pussy. In other pictures, she demonstrates her anus, spreading her buttocks with one hand, and with the other.

What an idiot I was that asked the question “For whom are these pictures” only at the very end! Why did she take these photos, to whom? Unlikely to my father. Their relationship was dry, I generally think that my father is impotent, he is almost fifty, he is balding, short and quiet. So she has someone else. And it pissed me off wildly. I copied all of her pictures to my flash drive, made screenshots of her browser history. Began to prepare an attack.

My guess about a lover was confirmed. It turned out to be wildly simple to find out. Mother has my date of birth on the phone. I went to Watts up and read everything I wanted. Her lover’s name was Alexander. This bastard was a little older than me. And what kind of correspondence they had, you can just wank off. My ears were wrapped in a tube. I never thought that my mother was so uninhibited, but just a dirty whore! There is no other word combination. Well, for example, one message from their intimate correspondence:

“First I will lick your hairy ass to shine, then I will suck your cock and lick the balls, then you will fuck me in the ass, roughly, hard, so that it hurts me, I screamed, and you continued to fuck. You will beat me, pull my hair, slap me in the face and fuck, fuck in the ass! And then I suck your cock, taken straight out of my ass, you cum in my mouth and piss with hot yellow urine. If you pour me on top, I will drink it, the yellow liquid will boil in my mouth. “

This is a verbatim quote from their correspondence. I freaked out then. I quickly took a photo of several fragments of their correspondence with my phone and put her dirty phone back in its place. Mother came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, fresh, clean, smelling good. But I was no longer looking out, but inside this woman. Marveling at how two-faced she is.

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