Mother slave. Part 3

A few days later I attacked. I put her in front of the TV and turned on his presentation, which he called “My mother is a whore.” All the evidence I found appeared before her on the big screen. Mother simply fell into a stupor, blushed and hid her face in her hands, she wanted to run out of the room, but I abruptly sat her down in place and tore her hands off her face.

  • Look! Look at you!

There were pictures, her phrases from correspondence with her lover, screenshots of porn links, which she walked on the net. The presentation took about ten minutes, I did my best. What happened next? I won’t bore you with details. I will say this, it took a week for her to accept and overcome all this, and then confessed to me. I offered her an alliance, if you can call it that. And if you call a spade a spade, I wanted to make it my toy, a slave, if you like. But only this is not a game for her, but everything is serious. There will be no way back. I promised her to make all her dirty fantasies come true, and she agreed. I knew she wanted it herself, but she would never admit it and take the first step. So I came up with this presentation. The goal was not to catch her, not to humiliate her, but to enslave her. When the shackles of the secret fell, she became mine. I don’t know what was in her head, what thoughts were spinning there, I think everything is so complicated there that the devil will break his leg. So I don’t bother to think about her thoughts. I am an egoist who enslaved my, by no means innocent, mother.

Let’s go back to the hangar.

I held an iPhone in my hands and took pictures. She sat on a chair in the spotlight. Slender legs, covered with thin nylon stockings, peeped out from under the cloak.

“Hello, mother,” I said, breaking the silence.

My voice echoed through the hangar.

“Hello, son,” she replied, lowering her eyes bashfully.

  • Introduce yourself. What’s your name? How old are you?

She understood that this was a game and answered what was required.

  • Natalia. Forty three.
  • Do you think you’re a good mother?

“Yes,” she answered without thinking.

  • Do you admit that you have another side?
  • Yes.
  • Do you admit that you are a dirty whore?
  • Yes…
  • You love watching hardcore porn. Would you like to translate all this into reality?
  • Yes.

“You had a young lover. Did he fuck you in the ass?

  • Yes.
  • Did you like it?
  • Yes.
  • You licked his ass, drank his urine?
  • I licked, but did not drink.
  • And in your messages you said something else.
  • It was a game.
  • You want to be pissed on, are you ready to drink urine?
  • Yes.
  • Are you ready to surrender into the hands of your son and do whatever he commands you?
  • Ready.
  • You will call me “Master” and nothing else. Agree?
  • Yes.
  • Wrong.
  • Yes, master.
  • Good. Get up and unbutton your cloak.

The mother got up, untied her belt and opened her cloak. Underneath, she was completely naked. Her naked body sparkled in the spotlight. Heavy, fleshy natural breasts thrust forward excitedly, smooth pubis glistening in the light.

“You have a great body, whore.

“Thank you, master,” said the mother.

  • Now let’s see how obedient you will be. Come out!

Mother’s eyes widened, she began to look around in panic. It amused me. From both sides, two naked men in black masks emerged from behind the boxes. They were hairy, well-knit, grown men with thick, dangling cocks.

  • Who are these men? – Mother babbled in panic, shrinking all over.
  • Never mind! Squat down and suck them! Do it!

The mother hesitated, the men came close to her and waited. There was fear in the mother’s eyes. This was extremely unexpected for her. I was waiting for her fucking nature to leap up, or would she break down and beg to take her away? For a few seconds she looked around at one man, then at another. Their emotions were not visible under the masks, the more terrible it all looked. I saw my mother swallow nervously and slowly squat down. In front of her face hung two thick penises, overgrown with dense tough vegetation, under them hung large hairy eggs.

  • Spread your legs so I can see your cunt, and suck!

The mother obediently spread her hips. I noticed, or rather heard, her breathing quickening. She raised her hands up and began to stroke both members with balls with them. I walked out of the shadows by placing my phone on the spotlight. I went up to my mother. She looked up at me.

  • Well, aren’t they beautiful, Mom? Which are big and fat and which eggs, m? Do you like whore? Admit it.

“Yes,” said the mother.

And that was a sincere answer. Although she was afraid, she felt that she began to be excited. Any woman will start at the sight of two strong ends.

She didn’t know who these men were. One of them was the owner of this hangar, I rented this place from him on the terms that I will bring a whore here who will serve it with her friend. But this man was a family man and therefore wanted to remain incognito, like his friend. I advised them to wear masks. Thus, I got this hangar for six months.

And now these two unknown men, stood straight, with their hands behind their backs. My mother stroked and stroked their members, looking at them with rapture and desire. I kneaded two pairs of large eggs with my fingers. Finally, she is ripe. She pulled the skin on the heads and took the right member in her mouth. She began to eagerly suck on this trunk, with such hunger and passion. Now I personally saw her fucking nature. How deliciously she sucked, smacked, mumbled, sucking on the thick end of an unfamiliar man.

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