Mother slave. Part 4

I enjoyed watching my mother work with her mouth. It was better than any porn. There was no need to command her anymore, she went into a rage, got excited. She sniffed furry eggs, licked from and sucked. She got rid of her cloak. Drool ran down her chin. After working for a couple of minutes with one member, she switched to another, and also greedily and wetly began to suck on it, jerking off with her hand. Soon, her head was already darting from one member to another, polishing them with its wet tongue and lips. The male members were already glistening with the mother’s saliva. They were sturdy and protruded upward. Mother smacked them, sucked and jerked off, puffing with excitement.

I sat down and put my hand between her legs. I stroked the crack, it was so wet! I smiled slyly and stuck two fingers inside. Moved them, cunt slouched, mother moaned. I moved even faster, she moaned even louder, not letting her cock out of her mouth. I quickened my pace and now splashes flew out of the crack, several streams splashed onto the gray concrete. I took out my fingers and spanked her wet cunt. Moisture dripped from my fingers. I wiped my fingers on her stockings.

“Fuck her in the mouth, roughly, quickly, to the balls,” I said to the two men. – And you keep your hands on your hips, whore.

The mother obediently dropped her hands. The right man took her head in his hands and stuck his cock into his mouth. He began to move his hips briskly, frustrating her throbbing throat. Drool spattered from the corners of her mouth, her mother gagged and grunt. The thick cock penetrated deeper and deeper into her throat. And now her lips and nose touched the man’s hairy pubis.

  • Keep! – commanded her.

He pressed her head to his pubis. The thick cock was completely in her throat. Mother gagged on a member, groaned, coughed, drool bubbled in the corners of her mouth, tears flowed from her eyes. She instinctively put her hands on the man’s hips to push off, but he held her tightly. Finally, he released her. Mother took a deep breath and coughed, spitting up saliva, I put my hand under her mouth, caught the drool and rubbed it over her face, completing the humiliation with a slap.

  • Do this! Spit in her face!

I don’t know what these men were thinking, but they followed all my commands as they should. Both spat in the mother’s face and slapped her in the face. She groaned with her mouth open. The second man put his hands around her blond head and pushed his thick cock down his throat. He began to spoil her bubbling wet throat. Drool spattered in different directions, he took out his penis, his mother spat on his palm, and he rubbed saliva over her face. It was delicious. Dirty, harsh, humiliating. They took turns passing her head to each other, loosening my mother’s throat, spitting in her face, spanking, and again thrusting her throat onto the penis, driving it to the very balls. Mother groaned, choked, spit up saliva. I was wildly excited by this sight.

I think she herself liked it, she willingly swallowed a member, received spitting and slaps in the face. She gasped for air deeply and again got a member down the throat. Drool flowed down from her face, from her boobs, hanging on her nipples in garlands. All her thighs, stockings, soaked in saliva. Her lips were swollen, her face was flushed, ink flowed.

  • Now lick their asses!

I told the men how to get up. They climbed onto chairs, knelt on them, arching their backs. I went to my mother and pulled her up to one hairy ass.

“Spread his buttocks, look,” I ordered.

Mother was breathing hot with excitement. She parted the meaty male buttocks, revealing a hairy anus.

  • Smell! Sniff his ass! – I ordered.

Mother greedily inhaled the scent of a man’s ass through her nose and began to lick her hairy ass with her tongue. She spat on the hole and continued to lick the man’s hairy anus with gusto. I felt how she liked it, she licked this hairy ass so greedily and relish that there was no doubt.

  • Do you like it, whore? Yes?
  • Oh yes yes…

He puffed and puffed and licked, burying his face between his hairy buttocks.

  • Stick your tongue in his ass!

And she did it, began to fuck the man’s wet anus with her tongue, and then stuck her tongue right into the hole and began to move it there. The man for the first time could not hold back the groans of pleasure. Mother stroked his fleshy buttocks with her hands, lapped the hole with her tongue, then took it out and simply began to drive it up and down along the anus, smoothing her hair with her tongue.

  • Give the second! – I commanded.

She turned around. The second man was standing in the same position on the chair behind her. She pounced on his hairy ass, spat and began lapping his ass with new energy, passion, hunger. I stood over her and watched her polish the hairy anus of a masked man with her tongue, how greedily she licked his ass, kissed his buttocks, smacked his lips. Then she rammed his hole with her tongue, pushing him inside. It was something to watch my mother’s tongue stick out almost to the root of my hairy asshole. I pressed her head to the man’s ass and began to drive her face over his ass. Mother puffed, puffed, drooling. I let go of her head, spat in her face and slapped her face.

  • Whore! Lick, lick his ass! And him too!

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