Mother slave. Part 5

Mother now quickly moved from one ass to another, licking each for thirty seconds. In addition, she also licked and sucked large hanging eggs. With her free hand, she fiddled with her latch. I noticed how the droplets flow down from her slicker. If left unchecked, she could lick men’s asses forever. But time is not endless, it was not already nearing midnight in the yard.

“Let’s finish,” I said.

The two men got down from the chair and stood over their mother. They began to jerk off their cocks violently. Mother looked up at them like a hungry cat. She helped them cum, licked the balls with her tongue. The unidentified left uncle wheezed and splashed thick white semen in my mother’s face. Then he sprayed it over and over again, sprinkling its seed on her fucking face. And then the second man literally immediately emptied his balls. Streams of thick, dull white semen flooded her mother’s face. It flowed down her face, her mother could not open her eyes.

  • Pee her.

The men shook their limbs and pulled themselves up. From both ends, yellow streams gushed almost simultaneously. Moreover, it is dark yellow, and not transparent, as in staged porn, when the actors drink clean water before filming. Now the face and body of the mother was poured with real, pungent-smelling yellow urine. Steam was rising from it, since it was relatively cold in the hangar. When the urine washed the semen off her face, the mother opened her eyes and mouth. The men sent jets into her mouth, the mother swallowed urine, gagged, opened her mouth again and swallowed. A yellow liquid bubbled into her mouth. She ran her hands over her face and body, as if washing herself under streams of urine. It’s a crazy sight if you stand and look at it a couple of meters away.

Finally, the sources ran out. The men brushed off the last drops on her face. Mother sucked on their thick purple heads, brushing them to a shine.

“Free,” I said.

And they just went into the shadows, got dressed and left the hangar. It’s amazing how they listened to me as a nineteen-year-old boy. But then again, after the army I became tough and looked scary. Tall, dark-haired, with an insane look and sunken eye sockets. And this is how I realized my perverse cruelty. I gave my mother to these two.

Now she was squatting in a pool of urine. Yellow droplets glittered on her body and flowed down. Her hair was wet, even if you wring it out. All in urine, as much steam comes from her body.

  • How do you like the first experience, whore?

“Super,” she said.

Her lips parted in a mad, hysterical grin, and her eyes shone with genuine madness caused by filthy arousal.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said, taking off my pants. – I’ll fuck your ass. Get on a chair and stretch your buttocks.

Mom got to her feet and knelt on the chair, arching her back. She put her hands behind her back and parted her delicious meaty buttocks. I put my hands on her hips and began to examine the wrinkled, smooth-shaven ring of the anus. I have never fucked anyone in this hole, but now I will do it with my mother. I was wildly horny. I was going to do it without lubrication, so that it would hurt her, so that she could feel the full sensation of anal pounding.

I spat on her hole, stuck two fingers inside and lightly fucked them, stretching my mother’s hole. She moaned and groaned. I slapped her ass.

  • Shut up! Relax your ass!

My fingers briskly unraveled her anus, then I stuck two fingers of my other hand and tried to stretch her ass with four. The mother groaned, gritting her teeth. And I worked with her anus.

  • So he fucked you in this hole, your young bull? Yes?
  • Yeah. .. Phew …
  • Did you give your father in the ass?

“Never,” the mother admitted honestly.

  • Now we will sand your ass, whore, without any lubrication!

I abruptly drove a member into her anus, her mother screamed at the entire hangar. I pulled off one wet stocking and stuffed it into her mouth so she wouldn’t scream. I slowly sank my cock deeper and deeper, stretching her rectum.

  • How tight, damn it! I grunt.

The mother moaned painfully with a clogged mouth. Finally, my bolt penetrated the very eggs. I slowly began to pull it back. The mother hummed in a deep, uterine voice. I turned her ass inside out. Was so tight, it must be hurting her. But I didn’t care. I pulled my cock back and then sharply hammered it back. Back and forth stuffing her asshole. My cock was quite thick and long. He looked monstrous in her anus. I began to increase the pace, feeling that her ass is gradually stretching. He grabbed her hips tighter and began to beat a member in the anus. Briskly, briskly, he drove his bolt into her narrow hole, stretching the walls of the rectum. With all twenty centimeters he drilled her back hole. The slaps of my thighs on her buttocks echoed loudly across the empty hangar. Mother moaned painfully, rolling her eyes. I spanked her ass heartily, leaving red palm prints on the white skin.

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