Mother slave. Part 6

Having fucked for about five minutes, I took out a member and parted her buttocks. A round red tunnel gaped in place of the tight hole. I spat into him and stuck my dick again, my mother moaned with renewed vigor, again feeling the thick dick in her hole. I continued to pound her cock in the ass, mercilessly destroying him to smithereens. My dick was already sliding easily into her hole, turning her ass inside out.

From such a hard strained fucking, she wet herself. Streams spurted out of the slit and continued to sprinkle downward while I quickly fucked her ass. The faster I fucked, the louder she screamed and the brighter my sensations were. I felt the approach of orgasm. He abruptly took out his penis and walked around the chair, slipping a little dirty penis to her mouth. He pulled the stocking out of her mouth and stuck his cock between his lips. He began to quickly pound her in the mouth until he began to cum. He took out his dick and finished her beautiful fucking face. Thick semen trickled down her face. I lifted her head up, pulling her hair back, and spat savoryly in her face.

  • Whore! How do you taste my cock from your ass? Get off!

I lowered my mother from the chair and made me squat. I tried hard. Streams of urine gushed from my head, at first sluggish, then more and more. And now I am abundantly sprinkling her upturned face, washing the semen down with urine down her body. Mother run her hands over her face, washing herself under yellow streams. She opened her mouth and swallowed my urine. And damn me if she didn’t like it. Here she is, her fucking essence, revealed in all its glory.

I pissed on her for a long time, pouring streams of yellow hot urine. Then she brushed my cock with her mouth to a shine.

“Get dressed,” I said.

She somehow pulled the second wet stocking over her leg, put on her shoes, and threw on her cloak. There was a water canister in the trunk of the car. The mother took off her cloak and squatted down. I poured it from a canister on top to wash off the urine, otherwise the whole interior stinks. After that he gave her an old rag with which she dried herself.

Five minutes later we were driving home in silence, each thinking about his own. Even before reaching the house, I turned to the side of the road.

  • I want to piss again, come out.

Without further ado, she pulled off her cloak and left the car naked. The cold wind made even me shiver, and what it was like for her. However, my whore stoically endured everything. She squatted on the side of the road and opened her mouth.

  • Not a drop by, – I said and began to piss her right in the mouth.

The mother opened her mouth wide, receiving a new portion of fresh urine. I pissed in bursts, when her mouth filled up, I held the stream, she swallowed, opened her mouth again, and I continued. In four passes, she swallowed everything without spilling a drop. It is not supposed to praise a slave, but I rather smacked her on the cheek and said:

  • Well done.

We returned to the car and now did not stop all the way to the house.

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