My Adventures: Marina

On one dating site I found a girl who was looking for a guy, so I decided to take a chance. After talking for a week, I offered to go to a concert and she did not refuse. The concert hall was located in the right wing of the mall. Previously, I prepared my “charm” to the fact that I can be a lesbian (without telling her about orientation). In the morning I carefully prepared: I put on lacy underwear, made a bun on my head (I hate it when my hair gets in the way !!!) and put my favorite sex toy, a dildo, in a small bag. I picked her up by car and we went to the concert, which was supposed to start at 20.30. My Marina was beautifully dressed, and her neckline … just something. For the concert, I took tickets to the VIP-zone, there was a table with soft sofas and the zone itself was at a height, in general, the whole hall was almost in full view. We went down to the Dance-zone, there was a large crowd, so I almost touched it, as if “accidentally”. The concert ended at 22.00, shops were almost closed, but the mall itself closes at 1.00. Marinka and I went to touch up the makeup in the ladies’ room. By the way, I forgot about the appearance of this girl! Marina has brown hair without bangs, straight from the shampoo advertisement, she is not tall, her height is about 160 cm, to match my 170 cm, she is slim, her chest is tightened, size 2, probably, she also has a beautiful face. Well now to history.

Marina after my caresses was excited, this was indicated by a wet spot on her concert chair. I’m lucky today! I asked her to help me in the booth, like I spilled something into my bag. But it didn’t reach the bag 🙂 The booth was cramped, and I “accidentally” (I have a lot of “accidents” :)!) Ran my knee between her legs and she started up so much, and our bodies were so close. I hugged her around the waist and we kissed passionately, she had such sweet lips, we kissed for 5 minutes, or even more. I took off all her clothes except for a light summer skirt and managed to undress myself. She flowed more than me. In the meantime, I sat down on the lid and put Marina on my lap so that her legs were once moved and looked towards the wall. She moaned softly while I played with her breasts and smoothed her crotch. Ah, she was purring so much, trying to be quiet. I took her in my arms and carried her to a bigger booth. We kissed and I played with the clitoris and holes again. But that was already in another booth.

Sitting her on an iron mount (such as to rise) and pressed her lips to the cherished hole, she felt her sweet juices, not forgetting about her breasts. While I was pleasing her clitoris with my tongue, my two fingers were in the vagina. Marina could no longer restrain herself and sometimes moaned so that it felt like she was about to finish. From my purse, I took a member and put it on. Galata Marinochki shone at the same moment. Without removing her from this smooth metal thing, I sharply thrust her cock. Marina moaned and was ready to cum. But now it’s my turn … We changed places. I spread my legs wide and got a ticket to the seventh heaven … Marisha knows how to give pleasure! Within 15 minutes I felt two warm fingers in my hole. We both felt good and almost at the same time (I also played with my lover’s clitoris) finished for the second time … It was already quiet around, at 24.00. We saved each other from the traces of sperm and continued our adventure in her apartment.

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