My best weekend. Part 1

Hi everyone! My name is Georgina, I am 24 years old and I want to tell you an interesting story about my best sex. It happened last weekend when I went to visit my aunt. By the way, her name is Alexa and she is 42 years old. Outwardly, I would never give her so much, she looks like a maximum of 30 years: always sexy protruding nipples are the first thing that comes into my field of vision when I see her; chest, 4 sizes, not large and not small, there is something to hold onto; the figure is straight 90:60:90; sexy look and a couple of toys on the table near the bed. She’s just obsessed with sex. Yes, I forgot to mention – she is a lesbian with experience and considers me a tidbit, dreaming of having sex with me as a trophy, but I am a convinced natural person to the core and not a single female was able to get to my pussy. I prefer to suck a real dick, which can cum in my mouth or on my tits, and hot cum will flow over me. That was before my aunt’s weekend trip.

I didn’t really want to go to her at all, knowing that she would again want to make an attempt to get me drunk and fuck, but the prospect of spending the whole weekend in splendid isolation did not warm me at all and I promised myself not to drink wine and sleep in a locked room. I called my aunt and informed her that I would come to visit her this weekend. It remains to keep your word and not succumb to her pressure. I got to my destination quickly and for some reason bored. Not a single sex adventure with a stranger happened, although I love it and took a dozen condoms with me. My aunt met me quite nicely and cordially: in a tight top and a mini-skirt, from under which it was clear that she had supposedly forgotten to wear panties in the morning. A wave of trembling went through me. Alexa took me into my room and began to watch in the doorway what I would do next. I did not beat around the bush and immediately said that we would not have sex, and I would not break down under her pressure, I came to get some air and have a good rest after a difficult week. Alexa pretended not to understand anything and a minute later informed me that dinner would be ready in 10 minutes, and she was waiting for me downstairs.

I knew that with her I need to keep my ears open if I want to go home with a whole cunt. For dinner, I went out in a top and short shorts. Alexa’s house is located on the seashore and therefore, right after lunch, I intended to visit the local beach, sunbathe, swim, relax. I went down to the water, and was already undressed, but I saw Alex on the horizon, and all the desire to swim abruptly disappeared. I lay down on a towel, giving my body to the sun. Better it fry me than this lustful bitch.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Alexa came to my beach in a very sexy strapless bikini, and her panties hungrily dug into a rounded and tanned ass. With her figure, you can even walk naked on the beach, no one will pay attention to it. She teased me, and I saw it. She came not alone, but with a friend, his name was Brendan. I immediately drew attention to him: muscular, pumped up, handsome. He was in only swimming trunks, and it was impossible not to notice his huge machine protruding in his underpants. I immediately wanted to try it in action, but there was Alexa on my way, who did not want to give me to another. Greedy, domineering, arrogant, she always achieved what she wanted. After 10 minutes I got ready and went into the house.

I wanted to be alone, jerk off and think about how to live without sex, if literally everything in the neighborhood is saturated with it. I closed the door in the room, completely undressed, took the vibrator and lay down on the bed. I didn’t lock myself on a hundred bolts and hide under the blankets, deciding that I was no longer a teenager and would not be watching me, because Alexa and Brendan were probably fucking on the beach right now. I imagined how my beloved aunt rides on the huge cock of this sexy macho and it wildly aroused me, how she moans and increases her speed. I imagined how he licks her pussy and jerks off his penis, and then puts it in her tight ass and starts to fuck wildly in her entire hole. With pleasure, I closed my eyes and began to moan, the vibrator did its job and the first waves of pleasure covered me with my head. I knew that in fact Alexa would never give her lick to a “rude bumpkin” (as she said), but I was pleased to think that at least someone else in this district had it, except for women. I jerked my hole and sucked with a vibrator, I wanted to give someone a blow job, I wanted to suck, so that my penis swells in front of my eyes, becomes hard and strong. I’ve already seen myself jumping on Brendan’s cock and yelling wildly as he throws my legs over his shoulders and his balls beat against my cunt.

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