My best weekend. Part 2

I wanted to scream from the resulting orgasm, but I restrained myself so as not to cause bewilderment among others. My pussy was dripping juices, I ran my fingers along the crotch and licked them, I always liked the taste of my semen. Only for 5 minutes I satisfied my lust, but that was not enough. I still wanted this pumped-up and strong macho, or rather not him, but his huge friend: suck, bite, lick, pull and lick his balls, swallow his penis completely so that he ends up in my mouth, and then plunged it into my pussy and jerked his clitoris, I wanted to ride on his penis all night and scream wildly at the top of my throat. And while I was hovering in the clouds of sexual fantasies and stroking my clitoris with a vibrator, I did not even hear how they entered the room. It was Brendan and he was completely naked. At first I was dumbfounded, apparently he heard my rapid breathing or I spoke out loud about my fantasy. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that he was here and his cock was in sight. Seeing me naked, he got up and became so strong and firm, as if calling to him and saying: “Hey, baby, do you want me to fuck you ?!” Not remembering myself with happiness, I flew up to Brendan, threw him on the bed, climbed on top and began to suck his penis. He was like candy on a stick: delicious, smelled of chocolate and semen.

I sucked him, licked, swallowed halfway and completely, went downstairs, licked and nibbled the balls, licked and teased the head with my tongue, jerked and rubbed my tits against him. I felt good. Brendan reached up to my crotch, and while I played with his toy, he dabbled with mine. Having played enough, I ordered him to enter me from behind, but then Alexa appeared with a strapon already on.

  • You thought he was going to fuck you? Honey, in this house of girls only I can fuck! Become cancer, otherwise I will have to use force in the person of this passionate handsome man, and he loves violence. I was cornered, and I had no choice but to succumb to her, although the violence from Brendan turned me on more than being fucked by my own aunt and a strapon.
  • Okay, but you will fuck me on my terms, because I spread my legs in front of you and give my tender slit to your artificial penis (I deliberately pressed the word artificial to hurt her more).
  • Firstly, this is my house and I put conditions here, and secondly, tell someone else about your tender crack. As if I don’t know that everyone who has a penis 25-30 cm long is fucking you.
  • Okay, let’s get it over with.

I opened the windows so that everything was visible from the window, got up with cancer and spread my legs, my own sperm flowed down my leg and it wildly excited me. My pussy was juicy, and Brendan immediately pressed his lips to her, he licked my crotch, then accelerating, then reducing the speed, and Alexa at this time lubricated the strapon with lubricant and entered my tight hole. I let out a scream, and it turned Alex even more. She quickly and accurately fucked my ass, so that the hole was already burning with the desire to continue and increase the pace. I moaned, screamed, beat my tits on the windowsill and wanted to suck Brendan’s dick. My mouth was dry and I heard him come. I rushed to him and with a look full of supplication asked him to cum in my mouth. He had no choice but to obey me and my mouth was filled with hot, tasty and abundant sperm. I smeared it on my tits, my face, my hair. I wanted more cum, and I started sucking Brendan more. While Alexa was jerking off and then fucking my cunt with a strap-on, I sucked and jerked off Brendan.

I wanted to scream and moan, kick and shake from orgasms that overtook me one after another. And so they decided to give me a real surprise: I just sat on top of Alex to have sex normally as Brendan settled down behind. This double penetration I will never forget. Brendan fucked me in the ass, and Alexa – in the cunt. I came from every thrust of Alexa, I howled from every thrust into my innocent ass. After three minutes, I felt a profuse stream of sperm burst into me. I pulled out his penis and began to jerk him even more in order to get a greater flow of sperm and he sprinkled in my face, hair and even got Alex. She was still fucking my cunt and jerking my clitoris. I no longer had the strength, I prayed for a break, mercy or death. Alexa just laughed in my face and with the words: “I told you that I will get this trophy”, put a strap-on Brendan in the ass. To say that I was in shock is simply to remain silent.

While he squirmed from the pressure of Alexa and her strap-on, I lay down under him and thrust his cock into my pussy. It was so huge in diameter that it even hurt me when it began to enter me, but getting used to it a little, I began to climb up and down, and after a few seconds I just rushed under it like a fish that was thrown ashore … Alex was even more provoked by my screams, and she burst into his hole with even more force, delivering an incredible amount of orgasms. It was well past midnight when I lay back on the pillows. Exhausted, licked, fucked, defeated and happy. I felt like I was fucked by a company of soldiers. Terribly sleepy. I lay down a little, remembering the brightest orgasms of that night and fell asleep peacefully. In the morning everything was as usual. I drank my coffee and went to the bus home. In parting, already getting on the bus, I just shouted to Alex that I had broken my promise to myself. And she, in turn, offered to come more often. Soon a new weekend, and I am completely tired, I ought to go to my aunt, see how she is there and take a vibrator with me so that it would not be boring.

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