My colleague is touchy

Hello, I’m Andrey, I’m 25 and I work for my father’s firm as a deputy director. The company is quite large and I have been working here recently, so I hardly know anyone. I have dark brown hair and gray eyes, a height of 85 meters, a member is quite large and thick and for this reason I do not have a girlfriend.

I have recently been assigned a secretary. Julia was a beautiful brunette with blue eyes, a tight ass and a size 3 breast.

That day I was terribly angry because the night before I was with a girl who turned me on terribly and ran away, and I hadn’t had sex for a long time, for obvious reasons … When I came to work, I was greeted by my cheerful eyes. secretaries, she was just gorgeous! For half a day I could not get away from obsessive thoughts, the work did not go on in my head and my penis was only one – the tension accumulated over months of abstinence … Suddenly my secretary came to me and said something like this is your mail, etc. but I no longer knew anything, I pounced on her like a hungry male on my prey! I tore off her clothes, she pulled out, calling for help.

My father walked by and delicately closed the door for us. Seeing this, Julia realized that she had nowhere to go, and in the meantime, I forcefully lowered her to my knees and with a breakneck speed began to fuck her in the mouth, five minutes later Julia got used to my size and already sucked my penis with pleasure. After several frictions, I finished profusely right in her mouth. She tried to suck everything but there was so much sperm that she could not cope, and the sperm flowed down her chin onto her breasts. When I finished I put her tits on the table and began to roughly and forcefully fuck her in her Pussy. She moaned and arched her back, she probably finished 5 times and on the 6th we finished together. Then I looked at her beautiful ass and decided to fuck her there. I thrust my hand into her pussy and scooping up the lubricant from there began to develop her anus while rhythmically fucking her in the pussy, slowly entering to the end and leaving almost to the end, I again forcefully inserted her to the uterus.

Meanwhile, my whole hand was already working in her anus and I decided that I had to act and put it in her ass … After waiting a few seconds, I began to move slowly, she howled and was hysterical with pain, but I did not stop. After five minutes she got used to my size in her ass and began to enjoy the new sensations. in her ass it was there narrow and nice, I got incredible pleasure, turning her over. I started twisting her nipples and kissing her passionately, the taste of my sperm on her lips, I finished right in her ass, catching my breath, I helped her get up and she said that she had long wanted to be fucked, like that by force, in the ass …

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    Hi show your boobs

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