My ex, her mom, and me

In early April, my ex-girlfriend called me and asked to meet! I became very interested in what she wanted from me, because we hadn’t seen each other since we parted! And 4 years have passed since that moment! Well, I arrived, took her, we went to a cafe, which we often visited when we met! We sat talking and learned what was new from each other! Before going further, she asked me for a loan, she broke a car for her ex-boyfriend, but she doesn’t have such a sum, and it won’t be soon! Well, I gutted all my stash, asked my father for money, this amount was collected! I brought her to her the same day! I had plans for her, so I instantly forgot about the debt! Yes, and I had a premonition right away that she would either not give me that amount, or it would take more than one or two months! Much more!

The first few days there was a flirtation, called up, wrote off, but then she just stopped talking! I called her, she was almost always unavailable, I didn’t answer anywhere on the Internet, well, I thought that the hell with this money, and she didn’t care!

It’s one thing that I was not going to take a debt from her, another thing that she just wanted to leave me! I just did not expect this from her!

And so it turns out that I often drive past her house, well, and several times saw her crossing the road from her house to the bus stop! Well, one day I picked her up, just gave her a lift, I wasn’t she, I didn’t talk about debt!

It’s been about a month! Her mother called me, I know her, but I thought that she had already forgotten about me! I know that she lives alone with her mother! I know that her mother is young, her mother is only 35 years old, and Alina is 19 years old! Well, her mother for some reason offered to meet, I guessed that there would be talk about money, but there were doubts! I know Alina, she would hardly tell her mother about the debt!

I came to meet them at home! Alina was not at home! Her mother poured me tea, sat and asked me all about my life! Then the conversation started, she said that she knew that Alina had borrowed such an amount from me, and said that she did not have such money! I said that I don’t need this money! That I wanted to forgive them anyway, and start a relationship with Alina again, but she decided to leave me like that! By the way, Alina’s mother’s name is Christina! I will call her by her name! So there you go! Christina offered me this option! That she will work for me this money! I was wildly interested in how? I understood that sleeping with an ex-girlfriend’s mom is not very good! But I didn’t mind! And my guesses were confirmed! That day, Aunt Christina gave me a blow job, it was super! Not one girl has done so well for me! But sleep did not work because Alina had to return home from minute to minute! I left! Christina said that I can use it any day of the week! There were only conditions! I must always be alone, on weekends at any time, because Alina is rarely at home on weekends! And if on a weekday only on my territory! It all suited me!

At first it was kind of dumb to call Christina, the first week I did not call her! But then he plucked up the courage and called! We drove further from the city, and I fucked her in the back seat of my car! I loved it! Christina was not tall, about 165 cm, slim, pretty, and did not look like her 35 years old! Maximum of 31, no more! Light blond hair! Just super! As far as I can remember, she always had hahali older than her and with a lot of money! When Alina and I met her mother, Christina was brought home almost every day in expensive cars!

This went on for almost the entire week! We then fucked at my house, a couple of times at her house, but more often in my car! Fortunately, my car is not small, the back seats just lie down, and it turns out like a bed! Although not big, we had enough space!

Christina and I were constantly fucking! I haven’t told anyone about this! But at one point, Christina and I were at her house, and it was so good for us that we did not hear Alina come! Alina yelled at us and ran away from home somewhere! And Christina cried, she told me that she was always afraid that her daughter would find out what kind of a prostitute her mother was! But I heard that Alina is not a girl for a long time! We met when she was 15 years old, then we were already constantly fucking when her mother was not at home! And then Alina was already either fourth or fifth! Well, I listened to Christina, and left!

On that day, it turns out that Alina was talking to Christina, well, of course, the fact that both mother and daughter swelled!

Alina told her mother that she had not been a girl for a long time, that she was also a lover of having a good rest with sex! The next day Christina told me this and I decided for myself that I no longer need Alina as a girl! And a couple of days later Alina called me and said that now she and her mother would work out my debt!

The three of us met and set the dates! I sleep with any of them on any day, only one, I don’t bring anyone! And until June 5 it will last! Then they will decide!

Of course, this option suited me! Now I have two sex slaves! Ex girlfriend and her young mom!

Since I took the money from my father, I want to agree with the girls so that I could come to visit them with him!

Parents are still divorced, and I won’t have to excuse myself where I have such a sum of cases!

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