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Olga sat in an armchair and sipped red wine, throwing her slender legs over the wide arm of the armchair. She was waiting for her partner, a burning brunette and beautiful Kira.

They have known each other for a year, at first they were connected only by sex. Bright, passionate and greedy sex. But this lust brought them together so much that they began to live together. And they even fell in love with each other.

Their sex life is their own world, into which they only allowed casual partners for FMW. Olga adored her Kirochka for her humility, sexuality and imagination. She loved to control her lover, making her her sex slave. Sometimes it came to cruelty, which led both to the pinnacle of bliss and excitement. And Kira was only glad to become the slut of her Lady. Both were owners of chiseled figures and impressive advantages: Olga had a lush and beautiful chest, in the papillae of which piercing rings flaunted, and Kira had an appetizing and elastic ass.

Entering the apartment, Kira looked ordinary, like an ordinary office worker. But when she saw her Lady in lace stockings and a light robe in the living room, the girl smiled lasciviously, kissed her full lips eagerly, whispering languidly “I’ll change my clothes and come running back to you” and disappeared into the room.

Olya looked forward to a wonderful evening. The girl knew that her own slut would do anything to please her. Olya listened to Kira’s actions, it was quiet and the only time there was a languid groan. And after 10 minutes a completely different girl appeared in the doorway, not at all like a clerk: Kira was wearing black torn stockings, a short black leather skirt that barely covered her already wet pussy and did not cover her ass at all, and a collar on her neck. On the face of war paint and high-pinned hair.

Olga examined her and rather rudely said “crawl to me slut. you know where to start. ” Kira obediently knelt down, protruding her ass, she crawled to the chair and began to greedily cover the Lady’s legs with kisses. Olya has already managed to push them apart and put each on the arm of the chair, revealing her charms (both girls, on the principle of the house, did not wear underwear). Kira was flowing like the last whore from the way this domineering girl treated her. Her lips covered with kisses the delicate skin, swiftly approaching the reddened pussy of the Lady. Kira raised a pleading look, as if asking permission to please Olga, and she just pressed her pretty face tightly by the hair to her pussy. “And don’t you dare come off the slut. otherwise you will be flogged. Kira became even more aroused, and began to diligently and very energetically lick the labia and clitoris of her beloved. She closed her eyes and, not hiding pleasure, began to lick the Mistress from the inside, eagerly penetrating her tongue. From this Olga sagged in her back and moaned softly, she adored this girl’s nimble tongue. She hit her on the cheeks, squeezed her hair in her fist, forced her to lick her ass, saying “like this. clever slut. try more, and maybe later I’ll fuck you in both of your holes. ” From these words, Kira tried more and more, quickly massaging her clitoris with her fingers. Thanks to such caresses, Olga had an orgasm in 5 minutes, and her Slut obediently licked all her juices, gratefully licking her lips.

“Turn your ass on me bitch. I haven’t checked your holes for a long time, ”Olga said harshly. Kira quickly turned her ass towards her, protruding her harder, and spreading her legs wider. She seemed to show off her pussy stretched from huge vibrators, on which the juices of arousal flowed, and a wide ass hole, from which a pink strapon protruded. “I went with him all day in the ass. it was so nice, ”Kira purred softly, biting her lower lip. Olga smiled contentedly, hit her ass with her palm and made the girl take off her stockings. When she took them off, Olya thrust them into the girl’s pussy, angrily hissing, “Who, you bitch, allowed you to please yourself, huh? then your hole will be a place for stockings or your panties. you will not wear them on yourself, but in your hole. ” Kira quickly began to apologize – “I’m sorry Madam, I didn’t dare to do this. Please forgive me. I am ready to take the most serious punishment. ” “Of course ready, dirty cunt.” Olga was very angry with her. Taking the whip, she hit Kira harder on the bottom, on the back, stomach, pussy, and she could only be silent and endure. The mistress tied her hands behind her back, put on a gag and forced her to climb onto the table on her knees. The rear view was extraordinary: a naked sexy girl is bent on her knees, a rubber member sticks out in her ass, and nylon stockings in her pussy, through which the juices flow from arousal.

Оля даже и не знала, как еще ее наказать: и прищепки она использовала раньше, от них Кира только кайфует, и била, и хлестала. Но вот девушка посчитала, что ее попка не настолько сильно растянута, насколько надо. Удалившись в комнату, Оля вернулась с бейсбольной битой и довольной улыбкой на устах. Вынув уже ненужный резиновый член, она плюнула на ее дырку, слегка облизнула биту в самом широком месте, и настойчиво начала проникать битой в ее попку. Кира моментально завизжала, пытаясь отпрянуть. Но это только злило Ольгу, и она лишь глубже начала засовывать эту дубинку в нее. Девушка поняла, что попытки это остановить бесполезны, и попыталась получать удовольствие от этой экзекуции. Она пыталась представить в голове, как же сейчас это выглядит, и к своему удивлению возбудилась не на шутку. Бедрами она пыталась насадиться на гладкий кусок дерева все глубже, еле слышно постанывая. Поняв, что теперь ей комфортно, Оля начала безжалостно трахать свою девочку битой, засовывая в нее почти наполовину. Она иногда высовывала биту полностью, рассматривая эту огромную дыру, и проникала вновь, все резче и жестче. Это продолжалось минут 20, в конце чего Киру накрыл мощный оргазм. Она выгибалась дугой, сжимая в попке злосчастную огромную биту. Оставив ее внутри девушки, Оленька села на диван, выпив еще вина, рассматривая свою собственную рабыню и довольно ухмыляясь…

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