My girl. Part 1

Usually my morning starts with this little whore licking my crotch with her nimble and slightly rough tongue. So in our family it is customary to wake up your loved ones with gentle oral caresses, though I don’t remember that I woke her up like that at least once. But today, for some reason, she decided to start with her feet, although for the whole year she has been engaged in such awakenings, this has never happened. No, of course she licked her feet before, I especially liked after a hard, hot working day to make her take off my socks with her teeth, and then insert her fingers into her mouth and try to shove her foot into her throat with all her might. At these moments, her face turned red and began to abundantly excrete various fluids. Snot, drool, tears and sweat mixed into a single viscous cocktail that dripped from her face to the floor. A funny sight in fact, sometimes at this moment I liked to urinate the slut on the face, of course she didn’t really like it, but I don’t give a fuck. I am her master. I keep her. I am feeding. I dress. AND I GIVE MONEY. Therefore, I have the right to do whatever I please.

Behind these thoughts and reasoning, I did not notice how this whore moved from my feet, up my legs and plunged her face into my scrotum. She gestured for me to lift my legs up, and with her hands she parted my ass and began to shove her tongue and nose there. The first half of the year, I was wildly delighted with this all and could not rejoice, but now all this has become a routine, it is done mechanically and without a soul, and there is no such “wow” effect anymore, I have already tried to somehow diversify this business, I tried to fart in her face and pinch her head so that she could not get out, but that was not enough for a long time either, and I expected to see some kind of resistance and discontent from this whore, but I saw only humility and humility in her eyes, I don’t even know to be happy about it or upset. Recently I began to shit on purpose before going to bed and not wash my ass, I went a little paper over it and went to bed. But this time this little cunt didn’t tell me anything, but only smacked it all down.

  • Hey, whore!
  • Yes, daddy?
  • Since you decided to diversify my awakening in the morning, then I will diversify our morning, we have never done this before, but while lying on your back on the bed and hanging your head down, I want to fuck you in the throat

In her dull look, I saw excitement and horror, because I tried many dirty and hard things with her and she thought that I could not think of anything new.

While I was driving a penis into her narrow throat to the full length, I came up with a plan of action.

  • Hey, well, squeeze your throat with your hands and jerk it off

My favorite cocktail began to appear on the floor again – a viscous cocktail, only my sperm was added there and the final chord was urination into her larynx, very unusual sensations, especially cool when she starts gagging at this moment, the throat is compressed so much that sometimes it seemed to me that it smother my cock. But nothing happened. Under the head of my whore a savory puddle of all our joint fluids formed, her face was almost the same as this puddle, I gave her savory bream.

  • Because I can

She seemed to start crying, for which she was kicked in the stomach and immediately shut up.

  • Lean your back on the bed and put your pussy upstairs, scum

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