My girl. Part 2

She took a large pillow, put it near the bed and lay down on it with her shoulder blades, so that her pussy was on top, a kind of birch tree. In the meantime, I scooped up all this slurry from below, began to pour it into her pussy and try to develop it by sticking my hand. One hand fell through there immediately, the effect of daily sex with my big cock and weekly fisting that she did to herself, but I wanted to maximize her hole. After spending about 20 minutes on stretching, I could calmly shove half my foot.

Most likely, my whore thought that I would now want to completely shove her leg into her pussy, or I would want to piss her in there, and then give her a drink. These ideas are of course good and I really liked to piss into her, especially I loved to piss in her ass, then put it in the middle of the room to unwind and at that moment she squeezed out of herself with such pressure, as if we were in a thermal spring, and she is a geyser. I called this miniature “crying dolphin” because for her it was very humiliating and she started crying at these moments, and her anus at that moment was like a blowhole of a dolphin that splashes water.

But my plan was much bigger and more sophisticated.

  • Spread your pussy with your hands and just try to remove your hands, you will walk with a dildo in your ass for a week, and instead of water you will only drink my urine.

Super glue was not as reliable as her hands after these words, in a death grip she took her labia and stretched them as wide as possible. I really liked this look, I have never seen such a wide pussy. I stood over her, then bent a little at my knees and began to push, while looking at her reaction, at first she did not understand what was happening, but as soon as the first portion of shit fell into her vagina, her eyes widened to the size of her pussy and she became yell.

I put my leg in her mouth and released 2 shit, but because of her fucking twitching, she didn’t get where it should have been, but rolled down the stomach and ended up near the chin.


I take this feces with my hand and stuff it into her mouth


Tears come out in her eyes, her face is all red with not large brown marks. She was also lucky that the shit was not soft, but hard, so everything would have been fucked up there. She began to chew, though she spat out half of it, but I was still amazed, I hoped that she would spit everything out and start struggling, but she almost flawlessly accepted everything. I smeared half of the gaveha on her face and the likeness of her chest. Then he took out a dildo, put it on the floor and ordered to sit down and ride it, as if this was her last sex. The sight was very exciting, a young girl with a brown face, chest and belly, very quickly jumping on a big dildo, and soft shit is already pouring out of the vagina, squelching. I decided to piss on her at this moment and try to wash off all traces of defecation, but since I had previously urinated down her throat, this was not crowned with much success. It was only enough to wash her face a little

The member stood with a stake as never before, it was necessary to finish urgently, otherwise this time it would definitely explode. I went up to my slut and turned my ass, she understood everything without words and ran her face there. Literally in a couple of minutes, I already finished. In the last second before ejaculation, I managed to shove my dick down her throat and cum there. After holding it in the “warm” for a few more seconds, I took it out and, collecting all my drool and snot, I spat savoryly in the area of ​​the eyes, there was so much drool that they completely filled her eyes and she could not see anything. scattered around the apartment, all that stench that was on her face.

  • It was unrealistically cool, my dear, and now go take a shower and remove everything that we have spoiled here, and I’ll make you breakfast for now. Just hurry up, my daughter, otherwise you still have to go to the university today, after all, you have passed the first course, you should not be late.

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