My lovely girl

One of the warm summer evenings I was walking along the coast, and then I saw her against the background of the sea and sky. How beautiful she was, small in stature, no more than 155cm with a small elastic chest and a round ass. I went closer to her and started talking about some trifles, the sea, the sky and the weather. Then I asked her to come with me to my room, otherwise it began to get colder and I was wearing a current swimsuit and a light skirt. She agreed. I will say a little about myself, I am 19 years old, height 187, I play football, I go to the gym, so I have a lot of strength and the figure is more male than female. Having come to me, I offered her to drink some water while I was changing clothes. She agreed, if she knew what would happen to her, then she would not drink for anything. I put a small dose of sleeping pills in there. After waiting until she fell asleep, I began to undress her. Then she brought in a wet towel and wiped off her beautiful body. She pulled two pairs of stockings from the closet and tied her arms and legs to the headboards. And just in case, I gagged her mouth.

After about half an hour, my dear woke up and began to look around in fright. Seeing me she tried to say something, but it turned out the current lowing. I went up to her and held a swab between her legs, everything was wet to my surprise. I started kissing her breasts, biting lightly and sucking her nipples as deeply as possible. At first, she tried to throw me off her, but then she realized that it was useless to resist. Then I began to stroke her tummy with my hands, gradually sinking lower and lower, she froze in anticipation … I did not torment her with waiting for too long and sharply drove three fingers into her at once, she bent over in pain and moaned muffled. I dug my mouth and teeth into her clitoris and began to suck and bite. How she wriggled beneath me, my sweet. And then I changed my tactics, I began to kiss her very gently, lightly touching. after five minutes she was already all burning, forgetting about the pain that I gave her and wanted more. I began to caress her more actively, slipping my hands under her buttocks and began to insert my tongue as deeply as possible into her vagina, periodically dropping to her lower hole. Then she completely moved to her anus. I kissed him suckingly and thrust my tongue into it.

She no longer resisted and the current squirmed with pleasure. I began to introduce my fingers into her ass, first one, as it was narrow there, he barely overcame the narrow entrance, but in less than a minute he began to walk freely there, then I added a second and then a third. And she began to make fast forward movements with them, not forgetting to caress her clitoris with the other hand. And then she began to tease and her body was seized by the strongest orgasm. And she passed out. I untied her and opened her mouth and waited for her to wake up gently kissing her sweet face.

A minute later she came to her senses and without a word kissed me with a long kiss on the lips. After the kiss was interrupted, she said: but how did you get nothing, because you caressed me forgetting about yourself. and began to cover my neck, shoulders and chest with kisses. I was udevlena, I expected any kind of reaction, but just not the same, but I really liked this reaction. My girl was so tiny that she fit on me to her full height and even left a lot of free space on me. She selflessly began to kiss my hands, kissing and sucking my fingers. Then she switched to the navel and began to drive her tongue around it, periodically diving into it with her tongue. Then her little head moved to my pubis on which there was not a single hair. she literally sucked on to the clitoris, and her pen began stroking my lower lips and then first one tiny finger penetrated me, then the second, then two more and then her whole pen fit into me, and then I realized that I would always depend on her and the initiative would never will not return to my hands, current if she allows, and then for a short moment. She enjoyed my condition and then she offered to bind me, I resignedly obeyed, and now I was already completely defenseless in front of her, in front of my sweet girl I was ready to do anything for her. She put me down on my stomach, putting a pillow under my stomach, she tightly tied me with the same stockings that had held her small and beautiful body quite a long time ago. She walked away from me to the closet with things and took my belt out of it, I realized that I would now be punished for my behavior. but she was in no hurry, and going up to the table took two bananas from him. and hand cream. and went to the room with all this.

She gently began to stroke between the buttocks, my juice was already flowing there, and she began to rub it into the ring of my anus. Then she took one banana and smeared it with cream and began to inject it into my ass. Then the second followed into my pussy. she played with them a little, then she walked away from me and said that she would now flog me and give me 10 blows and for every moan she would add one more blow. Gagging my mouth, she got me down to business. After 7 hits, I could no longer hold back a groan and in the addition received three more hits. A triumphant smile appeared on her face. She came up to my burning ass and began to kiss and lick her, pulling bananas out of me, she began to inject her cute fingers into my pussy and immediately inserted the whole pen into my pussy and began to madly move the hands in me, a small tremor began to shake me and I finished violently …

She untied me and I fell to her hands in a kiss for the previous moments, but she pulled her hands away and pulled herself up to kiss on the lips, whispering that we didn’t get exactly what we wanted. We continued our communication, and we were equal in everything except growth. Yes, and my girl was 29 years old, but she was so tiny that she seemed like a teenager.

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