My mistress

“Work well, bitch, otherwise I’ll make a whore out of you. Do you want to become a group prostitute for men? They will fuck you in all holes, let you go in a circle and flood you with sperm. You will be a good gutter, spermopharynx, dog … Do you want this? “

I stand naked on all fours with a rag in my hand. The hostess puts her foot on my back. “No, lady,” I answer, “I will be obedient …” But the lady is already excited: “No, I will sell you to women who want to humiliate you. You will lick their asses. Three, four, five women at once, you will lick their panties, you will drink their urine, asshole! They will whip you with whips, drag you by the hair (on the penis), rape you in the anus. It will turn into a working gap for you like a whore. The mistress has long since dragged me to the sofa and thrust my face into her crack, hot and wet. So she groaned, then pushed my head away and told me to lie down on the Lenolium floor. Then she undressed herself, stood over me: “Now ask me to urinate in your mouth …”

I obey, otherwise she will whip me. The mistress ordered to get down on all fours. Warm, odorous urine poured down her back, shoulders, neck, her buttocks and thighs felt her body. The lady was again aroused to the limit and took a stranded whip: “Speak, goat, will you be obedient?” “Yes, my love.” – I answer with a groan, writhing from the mighty blows.

But the lady took an artificial phallus of medium size with a belt, fastened it at the level of the pubis, sat down behind me and thrust her finger into my ass. The anus was wet, dilated and clean. The phallus entered without difficulty. The hostess’s movements were passionate and eager. The base of the penis rested against her pubis, irritated the clitoris, and she reveled in pleasure, working her hips like a man, putting me on a gutta-percha penis, showered with slaps and insults. Here the mistress finished: “And don’t think to wash yourself without an order. The slave must smell of mistress’s urine … ”She patted my collar and shaking her hips, left the room.

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