My owner. Part 1

I met him on the Internet.

I don’t know what was that about him, but when he said that he would not mind meeting in his city, I snapped. On the train, I still did not understand exactly what I needed and what I was striving for. I just drove because after talking with him my panties got wet and my dreams were unforgettable. I have not seen his photo, he has not seen mine. We were drawn to each other for a whole year, and finally! I’m going! I recognized him immediately: like a dog, I smelled him. I saw his gaze and felt naked in front of him. We greeted and after a couple of phrases about the weather, we just fell silent. It seemed to me that we had already discussed everything. The door closed behind me quietly, the locks slammed almost in a whisper. I took off my coat. We met eyes and thousands, millions of symbols of our conversations floated before me, I decided that there was no need to pull. Today I play any game. He probably read my thoughts, or thought the same way. After 2 seconds of eloquent silence, he pounced on me and began to pull off my clothes. He ripped off my blouse, kissed my neck, bit my ears and scratched my back while unbuttoning my bra. I unbuttoned his shirt quickly, as if I did it every day. His hands were firm and his breath hot. He threw himself at me like a beast, moaned, breathed heavily, and right in the hallway turned me to face the wall.

I lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down to my knee and hugged me with his right hand slightly tilted. At that moment, I already understood that I belonged to him as no one else and never. With his fingers he felt my lips and parted them. His cock was stern but very cozy. It burst into me in one thrust, but I was so wet I could barely feel its size. He fucked me sharply, greedily. He squeezed his buttocks with his palm, bit his shoulders, said that I was a bitch and that he would show me who I was. And I knew that I was a lustful whore. And I loved it. I liked the way he breathed in my ear and how mercilessly he pierced me. I loved having sex with him. I’ve been waiting for sex with him all my life. And he sensed it. With the speed of light, he had me, and my legs gave way and I roared like a tigress. Then he moaned very sweetly, took out his penis and finished on my skirt. Then he asked to lick his penis and testicles. I wanted to do everything and I ended up with the pleasure of being his bed, his whore. He hugged me and led me into the hall. Rotten cherry curtains, black sofa, soft carpet. I loved it all. And I did not remember my name looking at the naked body of my new master. He put me cancer on the couch and knelt down to lick me. my clitoris, my lips. I put my finger in the ass, where no one had ever been. But today my body was hospitable. I breathed languidly and moved to meet him. Well, slut, do you want me?

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