My owner. Part 2

I just moved my lips and could not utter a sound. I was trembling. I said that I want him and he asked to prove it. He handed me the Vaseline. I smeared my entire anus and pushed some Vaseline down. He took out a video camera and said that he wanted to film the defloration of my priests. I went to the couch and bent over so that my hands touched the floor. He came up and began to hurt my buttocks, then he took the belt and I screamed in pain. His cock rested against me. And I closed my eyes. It was scary and unknown. Only now I realized the full power of his penis, he tore my intestine, pulled it over himself. I screamed with pain and pleasure. And he tore me mercilessly. Then I spread my legs a little. He ordered me to jerk off and moved the camera between my legs. I finished almost immediately. From the vagina flowed, he laughed and fucked me. Then he took out his penis and opened his anus with his fingers. He began to spit there, then again slapped on the ass and finished right in the hole. Warmth spread inside me, I finished with him. While he was resting, I was in the shower. When I returned to the room, he pounced on me, tied my hands, threw me on the bed. A set of things I did not understand was already waiting on the table. He introduced vibrators of various sizes into me, I purred and moaned. When something moves in both the ass and the pussy at the same time, it is unforgettable. He squeezed my nipples until they turned blue. Beat my ass until I stopped feeling pain. I flowed and flowed. The agitation has become chronic. It felt like I was continuously cumming all the time. And he fucked my mouth, finished on my face, allowed me to lick his penis, when I begged him, he tore my ass again, inserted all his fingers into my vagina. Jerking off my clit. I loved this hell. I didn’t recognize myself. I wanted to prove to him that he is my master. I asked him to pee in my ass. Became cancer, bent back, he took a thick dildo and inserted it into me. I stood there for about 10 minutes, and when he took it out, my ass was open. Deep like a flower vase, and he filled it with his water. I wanted to cry with pleasure. And he was taciturn. He just took me cruelly and scolded me dirty.

Then, he began to shove ice into my hole, very unusual =) When, by chance, I shouted too loudly, he ordered me to lie on the floor with my stomach down and began to step on my chest. And he carefully smeared the tips of the nipples on the floor. We fell asleep only towards morning. And on the way to the station, I gave him a blowjob right in the car. There was no one in the compartment, we closed, he lowered my panties and inserted a short but thick dildo into the anus. And ordered me not to take it out all the way. When they announced the departure, he eagerly kissed my lips, and said that he would look forward to me again. And I said nothing. He himself knew that I would definitely return.

The train started, trees, houses, people ran past, but his gorgeous member stood before my eyes. And I so wanted to come back as soon as possible to suck it to the bottom. The ass ached with pleasure. I was absolutely happy. I dreamed of returning to him.

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