My Sexy Aunt Lily

I was then 17 years old, a stormy youth, adolescence, sex in the attic with teenagers like me, but I wanted something more, most likely an adult woman. I decided to spend the summer with my uncle and his wife, she I had to say, an aunt, a young beautiful woman. The three of us decided to go to the beach.

I lay on the beach and looked at her precocious young body, even though she was 43, but she looked, she was not 43, but 25 years old and would give odds to many young girls. Appetizing ass, chest size 3 and nothing to hang. Would excite any man, including me. There were a lot of people and the three of us swam, through a wet swimsuit, the aunt’s breasts and her pussy began to show through, I got excited and did not dare to go ashore and told my uncle that I was still buying. After 15 minutes my uncle left, he was urgently called to work and we were left alone with my aunt and several people in the distance.

Aunt called me to eat, the riser slept a little and I decided to go out. My aunt took off her bra and beautiful breasts appeared in front of me, lifted up, immediately there was a boner. I didn’t know what to do, lay on my stomach, like I am sunbathing. Aunt Lily asked me to give her a massage, I reluctantly got up with a boner and began to massage her. She was lying on her stomach and said you have gentle hands, maybe my panties are interfering with the master, I answered, yes, whatever you want, she turned to face me and her beautiful breasts appeared before me and took off her panties and lay down on her stomach. A member would jump out of her panties, she lay naked, I massaged her entire body, especially her ass, from which she moaned quietly, I decided to act and put my fingers in her clitoris, from which she suddenly said lick my pussy,

she turned on her back and I began to gently lick her pussy, licking for about 5 minutes, she pushed me away and said show me your penis, I became and it was clear that he was already standing, she pulled him out of his panties and began to stroke and lick her tongue, from which I immediately finished, since the riser was long ago. Everything hit her face, I immediately apologized and she answered yes, nothing, everything is fine. Then we went swimming, she went naked, and I was in shorts. While swimming, looking at her wet body, I had a hard-on, I accidentally swam up to her and she, feeling this, put her hand into my panties, although there were people and men there, they saw my aunt naked, but no one swam up and she started jerk him off, and I put my hand in her clitoris.

About two minutes later, we went ashore, I threw her on the sand, thrust my penis into her pussy and kissed her breasts, began to fuck her … after fucking her for about 15 minutes, I turned her over and said I want aunt in your ass, she parted her ass and I went in there without holding out and 10 minutes abundantly finished in her, she said, thank you great sex. We got dressed, packed up and went to their house …

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  1. Natasha says:

    Do you wanna fuck me?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not you, my sexy teenage aunt

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