Neighbor Anya caught me. Part 1

I am a 19-year-old brunette with a problem that arose when I started my first period, I started getting very aroused three days before my period and the older I got, the more this feeling grew. I managed to hide it at school, and no one knew about it, but as I said, it is getting harder and harder to deal with it and now that I was nineteen, the simple touch of my hand made my pussy tremble.

I started using banana and cucumber for masturbation quite early on and now I have several dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that I regularly use at this time of the month, now it doesn’t matter who touches me, man or woman, my pussy starts to glow and I have to find a bathroom or a secluded spot and finger myself until I have a few orgasms to relieve my arousal.

I learned to avoid contact with people during this time, especially now that I noticed that the period of time when I was overly aroused began to grow exponentially. This feeling is so strong that I am ready to fuck absolutely anyone to make my pussy happy.

Our neighbor moved in about a year ago and we became good friends, she is a married, very sexy woman of twenty-four years old, albeit a little “hello.” She does some pretty weird things, I think you could say that it’s weird for a married woman that she grabs my ass from time to time with both hands and squeezes it, telling me that I have a very attractive ass and then smiling.

She also strokes me from time to time on my stomach, head, thighs, and once she sucked me in the neck. She always laughs when she does this to me, and I know that if I walk up to her while I’m in heat, I’ll try to rape her or something like that as soon as she touches me.

Well, it’s almost time for my period. I still didn’t feel anything in my pussy, so when Anya called me to come over and help her with the curtains, I thought that I would be okay, at least for a few more hours.

Now I never wear a bra or panties when I go to Anya, because I never know when she wants to fondle me again, and I really like it when she does it, especially when she puts her hands under my top and holds my boobs … I always fake embarrassment because I don’t want her to think I’m a lesbian or a pervert. So I changed into a cropped top and took off my panties because I always had a suspicion that she was going to touch my pussy.

Anya hung up new curtains and as soon as I entered, she instantly plowed me up. We were on the last curtain when this feeling hit my pussy, I stood holding the curtain in the air with outstretched arms, unable to move the surprise. Anya immediately realized that something was wrong and with the determination of a predator, who saw fear in the eyes of the victim, she went to me. Anya came up and sarcastically said: “Oh look, dear, I see the lower part of your boobs,” grabbed me from behind and slid her hands up my stomach to my chest.

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