Neighbor Anya revealed me. Part 2

I finished like a fire hydrant, my love juices poured out of my pussy, flowed down my legs and formed a puddle on the rug while Anya held me so that I would not fall to the floor. She kissed me again and I groaned. Anya told me that she would take me to her bed so that she could fuck me to the point of exhaustion.

She led me into the next room to her bed, all the while touching my breasts and pussy, stopping just to suck my breasts. By the time we got to bed, I was begging her to fuck me anywhere, on the floor, in the doorway, it just didn’t matter as long as she caressed me. She put me on the bed, pulled the strap-on out of the drawer, told me to spread my legs, put her finger in my pussy and asked if I wanted her to fuck me with this. Of course, it all drove me crazy and I begged her to fuck me.

She asked what I would do for her so that she would fuck me with a strapon and I told her that I would do whatever she wanted. She ordered me to lick her pussy, even though she didn’t have to say anything, I would have dived between her legs myself. She climbed on top of me so we were in position 69, put her hand on my pussy and told me to make her cum. I immediately grabbed her hot ass and started licking, sucking and tongue fucking her hot hole like crazy, wanting her to cum so that she would fuck me. A few minutes later she moaned, “Oh baby, you make me cum, baby,” and yelled, “I’m cumming, baby, I’m fucking cumming!”

I knew what she wanted, so I pressed my mouth to her sweet pussy and let her fill my mouth with her hot tasty nectar, I swallowed every drop of her juice. Now she clamped my head between my legs and shouted: “More! Bitch, make me cum again. ”I loved giving her orgasms, so I went back to eating her hot cunt with triple strength and made her cum for me twice more. I lay there and waited for her to come to her senses, while I was going crazy, my pussy was fucking hot, I thought I was going to explode. Anya got off me a few minutes later and asked if I was ready to get the best fuck of my life.

I spread my legs as wide as possible and said: “Oh yes, Anya, fuck me, Anya, please, fuck me, Anya, fuck me and I will always be your bitch, please fuck me!” Now Anya put on her strap-on harness, she stood between my legs and in one movement brought him into a firing position.

She walked in and I screamed at how damn good it was. Her penis completely filled my vagina and I screamed: “Oh god, fuck me again, fuck me again.” Anya with a malicious grin asked me whose whore I was now and I told her that I was her whore.

When I said what Anya wanted to hear, I finished again, so hard that I was speechless for a minute. Anya continued to pound my pussy so intensely that I almost deliriously told her that from now on I would be her personal slut, that she could fuck me whenever she wanted, that I would lick her at her first word.

After I finished several times, Anya made me suck her cock, and then told me to show her how submissive I am by getting on all fours on the edge of the bed and begging her to fuck my pussy. I did everything as she asked. “Please fuck my pussy, I can’t live without it,” I said. Anya got out of bed, stood on the floor, thrust her dick into my pussy and ordered me to sit on her dick, so I started rocking back and forth, fucking her dick, while she told me that I was a little whore, that I was born to be her fucking whore who licks her cunt at the slightest hint. All this made me cum violently.

She made me stay put so she could fuck my ass. I was not in the least afraid of this, because I played with her quite often. She entered my ass and started pounding her, while slapping my buttocks in parallel. When she finished using my ass, my ass turned bright red with belt markings on the waistband, unable to close completely, but it was the happiest ass in the world. I have no idea how many times Anya made me cum, but I know that not a drop of juice was left in my pussy when she finished with it.

After that, she pushed me on my back, lay down on me and kissed me. I told her about my little problem and she assured me that from now on she will always help me with it. I wrapped my legs around her and kissed her as passionately as I could. I told her that I was not aware that all this time she was trying to seduce me. She confessed that I really liked it all when she touched my tits and ass, but I didn’t want her to think I was a lesbian or something.

She told me that she never thought I was a lesbian, but she suspected that I had bi-tendencies. And she was right, as I really enjoyed licking her pussy and making her squirt in my mouth. We still had to finish hanging the final curtain, so we went downstairs, completely naked this time, which I found damn erotic and looking at Anya walking around naked, my pussy was back in the flood stage.

We finished hanging the curtains and I hugged Anya. This time I kissed her first, pressing against her, then I kissed her breasts, took a nipple in my mouth and found that I love to suck her tits. Then I went down to her hot pussy, knelt down, grabbed her ass and buried my face in her hot, wet pussy, instinctively licking her cunt, trying to make her the best cunnilingus she ever had.

She moaned and mumbled that I was an incorrigible slut and that was music to my ears, and then she tensed, saying, “Oh, you my little fucking whore, you make me cum, bitch, oh yeah, lick my pussy, suck it.” then she squirted hard, pouring her hot pussy juice over me, but I wanted more.

I was on fire because of her juices, it was like a drug for me in the state I was in, and when Anya collapsed to the floor, my mouth never came off her pussy. Because I made her cum so many times, I drained her sweet pussy dry. Finally she finally grabbed my head with both hands and said: “No, baby, no more, you will kill me with this tongue, my pussy will not take anymore.”

This time I stopped and lay down on it. I asked if she really liked what I was doing with her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezed me and said that I had the best cunnilingus that she had ever had and, perhaps, she should divorce and move in with me.

I, of course, was delighted that Anya thought that I was the best lover in the world. Even then, I knew that I would spend a significant amount of time between her beautiful legs.

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