New feels. Part 1

When Vika confessed to me that she loves to have sex with women, I felt an electric current run through my body.

“This is really great,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

She brushed her long, blond, curly hair from her forehead, shaking her head coquettishly.

I’ve never been with women, but I often thought about how this can happen when you stroke a woman’s breasts, you feel a moist and tender warmth between your legs.

After Vikin’s confession, I could not help myself. I had no idea how we were making love to her. Her cool body, breasts, thin waist and strong hips fueled my fantasies.

  • Why are you telling me this? Do you want to suggest something? I asked.
  • Maybe, – Vika answered mysteriously.

This evening, when I was sitting on my home couch with my husband, Tolya, staring at the TV, I could not think of anything else. The picture of how Vika and I caress each other did not leave my head.

  • What are you thinking about? – Tolya asked, noticing that I did not react at all to what was happening on the TV. I paused and then asked:
  • What do you say about two women making love?

Now he had to think:

  • I think it can be a great sight.
  • What do you say if it is me and Vika?
  • You!? – he was surprised, although in his eyes flashed

interest. – I can watch all day how you will excite each other, caress your breasts.

A few days later, Vika and I were sitting in a cafe. I suddenly asked:

“Do you remember what you told me about that week, well, about sex?”

  • About women? She reacted immediately.
  • About women. About you and me. – I mustered up the courage, hoping that she did not have time to regret her words a few days ago.

But everything turned out to be in order.

“When you want to do this,” was her answer. She closed her eyes like a cat seeing sour cream. I also noticed that Vika immediately began to fidget in her chair, as if from one thought she had already come to an excited state.

  • Can Tolya watch us? I added cautiously, not sure how she would react to this demand. I continued to smile.
  • A-a-ah … It’s for me, – she said calmly, not at all offended.

I imagined how I would kiss her long curly hair, her neck, below, those wonderful breasts.

We agreed on next Saturday. It was a great day for our crazy idea. A light, warm breeze penetrated the room through the slightly open window. I was completely in tune with what was in store for me. Despite this, when I heard the doorbell, my heart beat faster. Vika stood in the doorway. My knees suddenly buckled, a thought flashed through my head: “What am I doing ?! It’s not too late to refuse! “

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