New feels. Part 2

One thought replaced another at a breakneck speed, but they all disappeared into oblivion when Vika and I sat down on the sofa. She behaved so simply and naturally that all my fears seemed just ridiculous.

Vika was wearing a short blouse that barely covered her breasts, and shorts, so tight that all the outlines of her ass were visible. I was completely subdued. I looked at her and felt a throbbing between my legs.

Very little time passed. Vika bent down to me and we kissed for the first time. It was a very short kiss, but I felt the desire burn my entire body. Vika repeated the kiss, her hands began to caress my whole body.

At this time, Tolya was sitting behind us and slowly drank beer. I could swear he was already horny too. I knew he was braced for the thrill.

Vika freed me from a thin bra. Tolya watched, forgetting about his beer. She buried her face in the depths of my large chest. She kissed me, caressed my nipples, which began to harden like little buttons. I did the same to her. Putting her on her back, I caressed her breasts, which defiantly lay in different directions. My mouth was captured by these magical nipples, I felt the slightly salty taste of her skin.

We merged in a passionate kiss, tightly huddled curse to a friend on the couch. Our hands slid along the bodies.

Tolya began to masturbate a member through his pants.

Vika took off my shorts. A pleasant warmth passed through my body. Before I could understand anything, her shorts also evaporated. Our naked bodies were hugging. I felt Vicki’s warmth. My lover’s hand slid down and parted my labia. She kissed and caressed my clit, bringing me to orgasm. I leaned back and shuddered at every magic touch.

When Vika plunged her fingers inside, I was completely ready to cum. I fidgeted and began to beg her to continue. She quickened the rhythm. Her language worked very skillfully. I moaned and squirmed, approaching the highest point of bliss …

Vika and I switched places. She lay down on her back. I spread her legs and discovered the most beautiful miracle of nature covered with silk fluff. I leaned reverently over Vika’s treasure and felt my lips touch the soft, pink flesh and hard clitoris. My partner was so sweet on the inside.

Desire pierced her as I accelerated the pace of the game. My fingers entered her juicy vagina – she let out a low moan. The body began to wriggle in time with the movements of my finger. The clitoris looked like a small cock.

“Yes, ah,” she moaned. I felt moisture on my fingers. Vika herself set the pace of movements, throwing her head back strongly.

  • Yes-ah! Yes-ah-ah-ah!

An orgasm went hard through her body. The face turned pink.

I continued to caress her buttocks, inner legs.

Vikin’s body was like delicious candy, I didn’t want to stop playing.

Before I understood anything, Tolya stood in front of us, giving me his cock for a blow job. I took it greedily, grabbing it entirely. Vika joined me, starting to caress its base. We tried to give Tolya maximum pleasure. What an unforgettable day!

After that we often, when the desire arose, invited Vika to our place. The three of us doused each other with juices of pleasure.

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