New year gift

Before the new year, we all think about what we would like in the coming year. And more often than not, we wish about the fulfillment of our most secretive and passionate desires, as happened with Andrey. Our hero was sitting in a cafe at the university and was waiting for his classmate Lisa. With which in a noisy company, I thought to spend the new year. The girl was 20 years old, tall with black long hair, which emphasized her beautiful figure and lush chest of 3 sizes, and which Andrey often stared at during couples.

“Damn, it’s already the 31st, and I still haven’t prepared a present for Lisa,” the guy thought while drinking black tea he had ordered while waiting for Lisa. “Hi, don’t be angry, there were just things to do” – saying this, the girl undressed and sat down opposite Andrey. Lisa came in coffee in a short skirt from under which could be seen red lace stockings and her excellent ass, on top she was dressed in a white blouse with a slit in the middle, which the guy could not help but pay attention to. The frost showed a blush on the girl’s cheeks. Andrey called the waiter.

  • Do you have anything to order?
  • Come on for your taste, I will not choose a gift for you for a long time, said Lisa, settling herself in a chair more comfortably.
  • Well then we need to warm you up.
  • Try, just remember us to celebrate at night, the girl said with a smile.

Andrey made an order and now they are left alone with Lisa. The hall was half dark, several tables were free, the rest of the space was occupied by visitors, someone came here just to warm up, others often came here to have a good time. So our couple was no exception. Lisa and Andrei had known each other for a couple of months and there was always only friendship between them, which was suitable for the two of them, because each of them had a couple. Only this new year, Andrei’s girlfriend went to her parents.
The couple just chatted until the waiter brought the wine ordered by the guy. “And so with the coming” the guy said pouring wine into glasses. Lisa was inept to drink and after 4 glasses she was already drunk and began to complain to Andrey about her boyfriend, how he does not take her anywhere, does not like and now it came to the point that he ceased to satisfy her but she loves him.

Andrey listened attentively, but then he felt the girl’s leg stroking his leg, looking at Liza he saw a smile.

  • Listen, what gift would you like?
  • I don’t know what you’ll give will be.
  • Then you just don’t get angry? – Having said this, she bent down to his pants and taking off the belt took his penis into her mouth, which by that time was standing.
  • What are you doing Liz? you have a boyfriend, confused Andrei said.

But the girl continued to play with his boyfriend, not paying attention to his words. She stroked him with one hand until he became a stake, then licking his head began to suck. With the other hand, she unbuttoned the buttons of her skirt, took the guy’s hand and lowered it under her panties to her pussy, it was already wet. As if showing what to do, she took one finger and slowly led it between her labia, then the other until 3 fingers could fit there. Then Lisa threw Andrei’s hand and already stroked his cock with both hands. Andrei penetrated into her pussy with his middle finger, felt her clit and began to fiddle. Liza began to wiggle her ass as if helping and moan with pleasure.

These groans began to attract the eyes of people in the hall, but the couple, paying no attention to anyone, continued. With his free hand, Andrei put Lisa’s head on his penis so that she could completely take it into her mouth.

This went on for some time until Andrei said in the girl’s ear: “I am about to finish.” Lisa went down under the table and knelt down and continued to suck, suddenly she felt a warm stream of salty cum fill her mouth, the girl, trying to swallow everything, choked and a couple of drops fell on her blouse. Andrei finished but did not forget about Lisa and made sure that her pussy reached orgasm.
They leaned in two on the backs of the chairs, then after drinking another glass of wine, the girl said: “- Send me now, I’ll give you a present under the Christmas tree.” Andrei paid for Liza. They got into a taxi and drove to her house.

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