Night hunting

  • Despondency … said Samantha quietly, watching the raindrops slide across the glass. It was already late at night, but the girl did not sleep. Together with her friend, she was preparing for the upcoming hunt. Jane looked at her friend with a smile. She knew that all this discontent was just a mask and had nothing to do with Samantha’s usual behavior.
  • It’s time to get used to it.
  • You know how I hate to work in the rain! – the girl banged her fist on the table and again returned to contemplating the drops. Together with Jane, they made a living by hunting all kinds of evil spirits that annoy people and hunted successfully.
    “Better check our equipment again. Jane advised.
  • I’ve already checked everything a hundred times. – answered Samantha.

Jane thoughtfully approached her friend and, turning her face towards her, kissed her lips. The girls kissed slowly for several minutes, and then Jane pulled back, despite the fact that Samantha clearly wanted to continue.

  • After the hunt. Samantha nodded. After a while, the girls were already wandering along the street, carefully looking around. Daggers and weapons gave confidence, but the huntress decided not to forget about the caution. After passing several streets, they saw in the distance the dark silhouette of a building that stood on a hill. Old, almost ancient, it inspired horror on everyone who passed by, but not on Jane and Samantha, who were used to looking death in the eye. Nodding to each other, the girls approached the building and, not without difficulty, opening the doors, entered. The sharp smell of mustiness that reigned inside immediately hit my nostrils. Samantha grimaced in disgust. – That fat man won’t cheat us with money? Did you see how you were shaking while talking? He clearly knows something, but does not tell us …

Jane put her finger to her lips. Having decided not to share, the hunters climbed the stairs, knowing from experience that they rarely like to settle on the lower floors. We stepped carefully, trying not to cause the creak of the old floorboards. There was laughter from somewhere above … The girls looked at each other. Third floor. Samantha pointed with her fingers. And then Jane’s eyes suddenly widened with fear. Behind Samantha’s back, as if out of nowhere, a tall, black-haired girl with eyes glowing with crimson light appeared … A vampire. Before Jane could make a sound, the vampire, moving with lightning speed, hit Samantha in the jaw and she fell unconscious. Jane tried to strike, but someone grabbed her from behind, giggling loudly as she did so. The huntress tried to throw off her attacker, but the forces were not equal. The vampire approached Jane, swung her hand and everything plunged into darkness … When she woke up, the girl immediately felt an unpleasant taste of blood in her mouth. The head was spinning and Jane did not immediately regain consciousness. When this did happen, she looked around and found that she was lying on the bed, and all of Saanta’s clothes were lying nearby. Jane tried to jump up, but it turned out that her hands were tightly tied to the bed and there was no way to escape.

Nearby, Samantha was also tied. – We are in trouble. The huntress wanted to say something reassuring to her friend, but she stopped when she heard the familiar giggle. Running across the room, a winged girl jumped up to the bed, smiling from ear to ear. Behind her back hung a tail, like an imp. Succubus

  • How we are glad that you came to our light !!!
  • You’re right. – A voice came from the left and the same vampire approached the bed.
  • Let’s not chat for a long time and get down to business … The succubus did not argue and both evil spirits climbed onto the bed. The succubus kissed Jane’s lips, tongue thrusting into her mouth. The vampire began to kiss Samantha. The huntresses struggled as best they could, but against the table of strong opponents, their strength was not enough. Sukkuyu descended, kissing Jane’s nipples, then on one breast, then on the other. The vampire, in turn, turned Samantha over and began kissing her back, from time to time licking her tongue …
  • Cool!!! – The succubus turned to the vampire and went down even lower, deeply penetrated into Jane’s vagina with her tongue. The girl jerked, feeling how the tongue of evil spirits works inside, slowly passing along the walls of her vagina. The room was filled with squelching and chomping.

Джейн посмотрела на подругу и увидела, что ей вампирша вылизывает анус. Вынимает язык, проводит им по кольцу ануса и снова вводит внутрь… Это длилось несколько минут, а затем вампирша и суккуб отстранились. Суккуб пошарила под кроватью и достала два длинных… живых члена. Да, да, живых!
— Мы… эээ… забрали их у двух бессмертных, предварительно ухитрившись убить их. Суккуб и вампирша ввели члены в себя, а затем склонившись над охотницами, ввели члены им в рты. Бессмертная плоть тут же воспряла и вампирша с суккубом принялись двигаться. Члены терлись о языки девушек, ритмично двигаясь внутри, прежде чем изверглись обильным количеством семени. Подождав, пока последняе капли спермы вылилась в рты охотниц, обе нечисти отстранились, но лишь затем, чтобы продолжить. Вампирша поставила Саманту на колени и вошла ей в анус на всю длину члена. Суккуб же овладела Джейн традиционно, войдя ей во влагалище.

— Не волнуйся. Эта сперма неплодотворна.
— Да пошла ты к черту. — буркнула девушка и суккуб снова захихикала.
— Наслаждайся, пока я понасилую тебя немножко. Можешь смотреть, как моя подруга забавляется с очаровательной попкой твоей напарницы. Суккуб крепко обхватила девушку за грудь и упиваясь наслаждением стала вгонять в неё член. Спрва буравила членом анус Саманты вампирша, активно вгоняя бессмертный член внутрь. Клыки нежити были оскалены. Она пермежала чтоны с рычанием и это всё сильнее заводило суккуба и вскоре обе девушка кончили, сопровождая оргазмы громкими криками и стонами.

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