Night shift

I love working the second shift. You can relax that there are no bosses, you can watch a movie, if there are no urgent matters, in general, take care of your interests. At our enterprise, the second shift ends at 2 am, and mostly people sleep in their little rooms and offices.

This week I got to work with a new partner, Julia. She appeared in our workshop only a couple of months ago and came out into the night only the second time. We are the only young girls in the men’s team. I have been working for a long time to establish myself as a serious, uneasy girl, I live with my boyfriend, and everyone knows about it. The period of “sticking” and inappropriate flirting with me is long gone. Yulia is a groovy girl, young, only after school. She smiles and flirts with everyone, but it is clear that she is not hanging out with everyone. There is something about her with “devilry”. Many thought that we would not communicate, but we quite found a common language, not girlfriends, of course, but we communicated well as part of our work. I am the foreman on the shift.

Today we set up all the machines for the required programs and went into the office. I began to study drawings, Julia was sitting watching a movie. Suddenly the phone rang. “Girls whose machine is number 8? Come and figure it out, it looks like some kind of garbage, ”- the voice of Slava came from the neighboring area. It was Yulkin’s machine and she silently left. I continued to go about my business, but after 20 minutes I decided to go see why my partner had been gone for a long time. Usually we report to each other about all breakdowns, etc., but there is no call here. I went down to the hangar, but did not see anyone on the spot, everything around was working as it should. Where, then, is Julia?

I went to the sites, you never know suddenly decided to drop in to someone. But the offices were locked. Well, okay, I decided to return to my place. Passing the former warehouse, I heard strange sounds and looked in. There was no one in the vestibule and I walked on. In the dim light, an unexpected picture opened up to me. From what I saw, I first fell into a stupor.

Julia was lying on her back on a bench, carefully covered by someone with an old robe. Her T-shirt and bra were pulled up to her chin, the rest of her clothes were gone. Slava, who had previously called about the machine, adjusted to her between her legs, he rhythmically moved back and forth. Anton, Slava’s colleague, was hanging over her face, he held her head and inserted his penis into her mouth. Yulka’s arms were thrown upstairs, and it seemed to me that she was not here of her own free will. I already wanted to somehow scare the guys, but then Julia raised her arms and hugged Anton’s legs and groaned. It became clear that she liked it. “Wait,” she whispered, “switch places and turn me over.” The guys did as she said, and now Slava had her in his mouth, and Anton fucked from behind. Both got hot and they were left in the same T-shirts. “Give it to me. That I was in vain after the shift? “- it was Oleg’s voice, I did not notice him, he stood in the shadows and masturbated his huge penis. “Yes, let’s all at once,” Yulka moaned.

Oleg stepped into Anton’s place and began to interject Yulka immediately and roughly. Anton moved under Yulka and began to lick her breasts, raging in the rhythm of sex. Slava took a break so as not to finish and moved away from Yulka’s head. Oleg took out his dick and put Yulka on Anton’s dick, and he began to attach himself in front, Yulka swallowed him and began to help herself with her hand. “Damn, well, let’s take it deeper,” he growled, and began to drive her so that his balls pounded her on the chin. Slava went up to her ass, licked it and began to insert a finger into her anus. Yulka arched. “I myself,” said Oleg. Places were changed again. Slava fucked Julia from below, Anton took it in his mouth, and Oleg began to enter the ass. “A-a-a-a,” Yulka shouted, trying to move away. But Oleg, with a powerful jerk, planted it on his huge penis. Without letting her come to her senses, Anton with quick movements again fucked her in the mouth. She was caught between three men, unable to resist anything, all in their power. The groans and wheezing became louder, everything was squelching from all sides of Yulka, she was covered in saliva and sweat.

She had three hefty guys at once, tearing her with their members in all holes. How long it lasted, I don’t know, my eyes were dimmed, but I could not tear myself away from this sight. Oleg hammered into Yulka from behind, like a bull, and was not going to slow down. At some point, this whole pyramid swayed and found itself on the floor. Nobody stopped. They continued to tear up Yulka, not noticing her screams. Oleg lay on his back and with strong hands pushed her ass on himself, and Anton was already storming her flushed vagina. Slava firmly dug into Yulka’s hair, and after several powerful movements, rolling his eyes, he began to cum in her mouth, pressing her face to him for a deeper swallow. Julia choked and freed her head, sperm flowed from her mouth. “Come on, finish,” – said Oleg Anton and freed him Yulkin’s ass. Julia again found herself on all fours, impaled on her colleague’s penis. Anton grabbed her by the waist and began to hammer at a breakneck speed.

Yulka screamed. Everyone was watching. Anton pushed Yulka on his stomach and continued to thrust his dick between her legs and buttocks, he chose to come with anal sex, pushed the last push into her and, shivering, froze in her. “Ahhh,” he breathed and took out his cock. It was Oleg’s turn. He lay down on his back and put Yulka on him. The way Oleg fucked her, nobody ever fucked her. She herself tried to keep up with his pace. She bounced on his dick like a real rider, and from below he punched her to her insides. A frantic pace was growing, Oleg pressed her to him and turned over, finding himself on top. With each push, they moved across the floor. He squeezed her harder, planted her at maximum strength several times and under the screams and groans of the girl, bending over, he finished inside her. Yulka fought in ecstasy and was in a semi-conscious state. Oleg turned over again, without removing his penis from Yulka, she again found herself on top and lay exhausted with her whole body on him. Slava came up from behind, he was again excited, and began to adjust to Yulka’s anus. Yulka raised herself over Oleg. They looked at each other, a grin on his face. Behind her again began to mercilessly fuck. Oleg began to give in from below, he was still standing. Together with Slava, Yulka finished a second time, convulsions went through her entire body. Everyone was breathing heavily.

When Yulka got up, they helped her to wipe off their sperm, kissed her, thrusting their tongues deep into her mouth.

“This is what I call a cool batch,” Slava said. “We must repeat it,” Anton and Oleg agreed. “Yes, only I need to rest,” – Yulia answered, putting on a work jacket. “Yulenka, you are super, I didn’t even think that you would immediately agree,” continued Slavka. – “Come to me tomorrow, I will lick you.” “Definitely,” my partner smiled.

I silently ran out of the warehouse and ran towards the toilet. There I had to spend a little time to calm down and recover. I was also aroused and finished through masturbation. In my fantasies, too, there was a desire to feel several passionate men on myself and in me. So that I was fucked from all sides, without giving a break. Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to experience it myself …

Julia returned to the office as if nothing had happened, only a little ruddy, and said that everything was in order at work, there were no problems.

And then she said with a slight smile: “Arin, I seem to have fallen in love.”

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