Night with Tanya

It was in the winter in the evening. There was no light anywhere in the apartment, except for Roma’s room, who was sitting at a table in front of a computer, examining women with plunging necklines that hugged their slender bodies. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, which Roma immediately jumped to open after turning off the window with photographs and calming his erection. Outside the door were his parents, dressed in lush winter clothes, carrying bags in which bottles of wine jingled. But later a new figure appeared – a friend of Roma’s mother, a tall brunette in a shiny fur coat with a white hat. There were shadows around the eyes, the lips were painted a blood-scarlet color, making them look more voluminous. For him, her appearance seemed to be the standard of a real lady, who possessed the innate beauty of smooth skin and an even, neat face with small cheekbones.

When she entered and took off her top, she found herself in a red dress that accentuated her breasts, waist and thighs, smoothly moving to slender legs in stockings. Her gaze sometimes stopped on the admiring eyes of Roma, who still could not take his eyes off until she went into the kitchen, where her parents were already sitting, and he went back to his room.

It was already midnight, parents and Tanya were a little drunk. Roma’s mother said that Tanya would lie with him on his couch, which was already meant for two. The eyes began to get tired under the light of the monitor in a dark room, which made Roma gape and stretch, then lay down on the bed, turning away from the cold wall and waiting for Tanya to come out of the shower, who came out ten minutes later. When she lay down next to her, a pleasant feminine shampoo breathed from her hair, which touched Roma a little, leaving a wet mark on his skin. Her body radiated warmth, and, after waiting for her sleep, he turned in her direction and saw Tanya’s naked body, turning her back and bending her legs. On the back, a straight line was clearly outlined, passing into two semicircular large buttocks. Blood gushed into my head, ears caught fire, a member began to slowly rise until it got stronger in tight panties.

Roma got aroused enough and pulled his big penis out, running his hand over it a couple of times, approached her back and touched her waist, feeling her velvety warm skin. A hand reached out and squeezed her one breast, which turned out to be soft and massive, like a ball of water, and waited a little, listening to her reaction, which was invariably absent. From such touches, Roma put his penis to her vagina, tearing himself away from the chest, took her by the thigh so that there was support, and jerked his hip forward so that the penis half entered her, which made him groan slightly from the caresses of the vagina with his soft grip and moisture, which the head of the penis felt especially. While his eyes were closed, and he himself enjoyed the moment, a soft moan came out of her mouth, from which Roma froze to death, holding his breath and praying that it seemed to him. The member came out and entered her again and she moaned again, then whispered

  • Stronger…

Then his thighs began to more confidently drive his penis deep into her narrow vagina, that the clapping of their thighs began to be heard, the moans grew louder, but from Roma’s inexperience, he became uncomfortable, and then he knelt down and, taking the thighs, pulled them towards him, that Tanya remained with her head, eyes closed, lying on the bed. The member again began to smoothly enter her to its full length, emitting sounds of champing, and helped him pull her thighs with his hands to him. Suddenly she began to stop Roma and asked him to leave, then parted her buns, opening her anus in front of him, letting him know about her desire to feel his penis in her ass. The head pressed against the narrow anus and began to press, but she kept resisting until Tanya’s hands pushed her ass even more apart and she herself weakened it. Finally, the ring began to open with difficulty, until the head entered completely, finding itself in a strong tightness, giving him pleasure, from which he jerked his hips, but the member did not enter completely, but she screamed loudly and began to breathe deeply. After several movements, the penis began to slide quietly in her ass, squeezing Roma’s penis, and Tanya began to slowly increase the volume of her moans to screams, which she tried to suppress by shouting into the pillow.

Feeling the approach of orgasm, Roma began to move more powerful and faster, until the member began to twitch and release streams of semen. She began to finish, fingering her clitoris, wriggling, sighing deeply. Both froze, Roma fell down next to her, tired, sweating. Tanya actively went down into the limp penis, licking the rest of the sperm from it, began to rub the head, and then the whole penis with two fingers, forcing the penis to get stronger again, and then Tanya swallowed it up to her throat, still trying to shove it further, but the head rested against the walls throat, then she pulled out and continued to suck to the middle. In the mouth it turned out to be more pleasant to the member from rubbing her soft plump lips and warm tongue, which skillfully fiddled with the head when her head was on top of the member. The sperm flew out again, she continued to suck the penis, swallowing everything she could, and something flowed out and fell on her hand, jerking off his penis along its entire length. When her mouth was free, she visibly swallowed everything, then collected the sperm running down her chin with her finger and licked it, looking into the eyes of Roma, who was already completely weak.

In the morning she woke up from the pleasant movement of his penis in herself, which began to pour out sperm in five minutes, during which Tanya also managed to finish, inhaling into her full chest. So they had sex every opportunity, but the most surprising thing was sex in the cafe toilet. Sitting at the table, they agreed that they would do it in the men’s room. He entered the first, after a while she. Tanya entered the booth, the door of which Roma quickly locked and began to undress Tanya in order to touch her graceful breasts, and her little hand, unbuttoning her fly, pulled out a warm penis and began to stroke it while he sucks and rubs her nipples. From the caresses of her breasts, her moans became louder, then he lifted her by the thighs, pressing her against the wall of the booth and began to push her onto the penis. With excitement, she stroked his hair and whispered: “Roma, you are the best!” – and he continued to suck her breasts and, feeling the approach of orgasm, pulled out his penis and sat her on his haunches, pouring sperm on her face. When the sperm lay on her face and chest, Tanya began to suck slowly, reaching up to his pubis. They left the booth together, and, washing the sperm off her face, she noticed a man who saw her like this.

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