Night. This was our night. And I was really looking forward to her. Therefore, when the bell rang and I picked up the phone and a nice female head said to me “will you open the door for me?” I quickly blurted out “of course”. Then we stocked up with beer, of course we didn’t celebrate anything special, but it’s always a holiday when your beloved girl decided to spend this night with you. I was all tempted, on the edge, so I quickly kicked out all the guests and ran to the shower. She joined me in a couple of minutes, helped me wash. And then gently pressing my face against the wall, she entered. I moaned: it turned me on very much, I dreamed of having sex in the shower for so long. She stroked my back and moved within me, the pace increased. I felt that my legs were getting wadded. Then I finished, sitting down heavily, threw my head back, uttering incomprehensible sounds, my body kept trembling, it no longer obeyed me, it wanted caresses, and very much. So I suggested that we continue in the room.

There I asked her to smear me with body lotion. I will never forget what I experienced, I never thought that my wife had such gentle hands, it was a mixture of smearing and massage, I would even say erotic massage, this action really excited me.

Then naturally I offered to give her a massage. She lay down on her stomach, I began to gently massage her back, and eventually she fell asleep. “Oops – I thought – this is probably such gratitude for my massage.” I wanted to push her aside and shout, “What the hell are you coming here to sleep? It’s time to do your marital duty. ” But she slept so sweetly, and it was such a sweet sight that I came to the conclusion that I must probably go to bed too. I crawled over it and went to bed. But my “happiness” did not last long. At night I felt that she was kissing me, at first so timidly and not confidently, and then she began to caress my breasts, at first I did not want to reciprocate her, something like punishment. But her kisses were more and more persistent, I was excited, very much. And then she whispered softly “I want you!”

She suddenly asked “Did I wake you up?”, I was a little taken aback by this question, but answered “How can I sleep when you caress me so awesome, you excite me!”. Then she lay down on top of me and entered me, began to move. I moaned and wriggled under her as best I could. After I finished several times, she went down a little lower, first began to caress my stomach, then she showered kisses on the inner sides of my thighs, and then pressed her lips to my girl (actually, this is her girl). Right now I am writing and I myself am getting wet from such memories. Having caressed her little girl a little, she entered with the thumb of her left hand, and I felt that she had forgotten to take off the ring, this fact really turned me on, and without having time to move in me, I finished, then she continued to do cunniling. I very much love the knee-elbow position (popularly simply called cancer, sorry), so I quickly took such a pose, as if with such a gesture inviting me to enter. It was on that night and precisely in this position that I moaned so hard that it seemed to me that now the neighbors would come running to think that they were killing me, even then I was very ashamed in front of my wife for my screams, otherwise it is very difficult to call it. And before ending, I moaned twice as hard, and then limp helplessly and could not come to my senses for a long time. Having caught a little breath, we continued and so on until the morning. And I remember how it all began, how it was for the first time. Missionary position, she is from above, hesitantly enters, there were practically no moans, they were embarrassed by each other and strictly under the covers. I’m not talking about the good old cunnilingus, at first it was not at all.

In the morning I had to go to the university, and I have 2 more shifts, I sat broken, with half-closed eyes, almost dozing. But infinitely happy.

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