Not treason at all. Part.1

About a month ago, my husband and I made one difficult decision, which can be said to have saved our marriage, well, although it is certainly said loudly, but still. I am 22 years old, my husband is almost 10 years older than me. We have been married for 3 years, no children, and I must say we don’t want to. Maybe this is the problem, because most couples have children almost before the wedding and they have too many responsibilities to pay attention to personal relationships. In general, it somehow happened that love faded over time and I became completely bored with my husband, especially in bed. Although at one time I tried to diversify, but I got tired of trying alone, I did not see the participation of my beloved at all. Probably sex is already a consequence and reflection of our relationship, and not a cause and a problem should be looked for in something else, but maybe not quite so, I don’t know. And no, you might think that I began to cheat, but I would not act like that and hurt my loved one. But she did, with the consent of her husband!

After long conversations and two visits to a family psychologist, in the words of a specialist, since I did not want to admit it myself, it was said that I was missing that very … I was afraid to seem like a nymphomaniac and some kind of sex addict. There were more conversations at home, which I was very happy about, by the way, some of my secret fantasies were revealed. Inadvertently, to my husband’s provocative question, I said that I would like to have sex with another. To which he just as fervently replied “Yes, please!”. Over time, it came to him, not without the help of my hints, it is natural that there is only a grain of a joke in this joke and we talked more seriously and came to the conclusion that in theory it is not so terrible and if it is only about sex, then why no. In fact, I’m sure that my husband did it only because he was afraid that everything could end in separation and even divorce. He didn’t want to lose me and stepped on his throat. I didn’t want to lose him either, and of course I wouldn’t leave, but something terrible in me wanted it, wanted it more than to save my husband’s honor. I reassured myself that this would really help keep the family together and that there are quite a few such couples in our time. Sex is just sex, because an ordinary member cannot replace a person, love, lived moments … After all, a woman can have friends, spend time with them and enjoy communication, so why bodily communication is considered so sharply disgusting and unacceptable …

Anton insisted that he would pick up a pair for me himself and only in special institutions. A prostitute or a prostitute, I don’t know how to do it right. It seems that there are even those who specialize in this. He took a long time to choose and wasted time. But still I chose. A young man of about my age came to us, tall, a little plump, but it is also clear that he is in good shape.

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