Not treason at all. Part.2

Strong shoulders and a pumped-up chest. Unlike him, I was not so athletic: height 165, weight 60, but no cellulite, pah-pah … wide hips, round butt, small tummy and big breasts, maybe even a C. I have always picked up bras individually, not in size. I had light blond straight hair and blue eyes. He asked for money in advance and after the instructions of her husband, how everything should be, everything started. I do not want to describe in detail how it went. Nothing unusual, everything was probably too usual, but I liked it on the whole, only I could not completely relax. I was ashamed to show my pleasure. I must say the guy was very! Well, very good, a penis one and a half times longer and thicker than mine, and how he moved his hips, how he held my chest, by the neck. His every movement was perfect, graceful and playful, this guy played with my body like a pro, knew how to play and what to press … He was not shy and showed himself and his body in full. Unlike me, he was not a bit shy and slapped my ass, kissed my pussy. In short, he was definitely worth his money. But I “worked” a maximum of three with a minus, I guess. As agreed, everything was in a condom, at the end, at my request, he finished on my stomach and, flashing his shiny ass, went into the shower. With difficulty, overcoming shame, I finished almost at the very end. Anton approached my naked, weakened body and asked how I was. I smiled and replied that it was good and that he saw the guest.

The next day Anton did not speak to me until I crawled up to him naked. I swore fidelity and that apart from empty sex I got nothing from that guy, that I even forgot his name and what he looks like.

  • Baby … you saw, I didn’t even look at him, I felt only his cock … like a vibrator. Do you want me to call him a vibrator?

Anton just grinned and looked at my chest. He was sitting in a chair, I stood in front of him and stroked his torso. While I was talking, I took a member out of his shorts and began to masturbate.

  • You know, I have always loved only you, – I whispered and licked my head in parallel.

I pulled my shorts to the floor and began to actively suck. And in my head the scenes of our intercourse with that boy were spinning. His name was Ruslan. I again and again imagined that Ruslan would now appear from behind and thrust his handsome man into my pussy while I was busy with my husband’s petty penis. I resisted these thoughts, but eventually succumbed. My drool was dripping with overexcitement, and my pussy was wet. As soon as my husband finished in my mouth, I ran to the bathroom and spat everything. I dreamed that if Ruslan had finished in my mouth, I would have swallowed everything without a trace! And I also didn’t want to fuck with Anton until my new partner, sex partner came …

After pleasing my husband, while we were lying on the bed, I persuaded him to go on another date. Although I had already planned that after that I would persuade him to do the third and in the end it would become a regular thing. Fortunately, our earnings are good and the issue of finance is not worth it. I was looking forward to the second meeting now even more than the last one. I also persuaded my husband to leave us alone for the second half of the date.

And so it happened. I glanced at my watch and it’s been 30 minutes. They passed pretty quickly, because the bill for the paid hour includes taking a shower before sex and another couple of minutes for a polite greeting, a glass of wine, some kind of preparation and overcoming the initial awkwardness. Anton was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Ruslan was lying on top of me, slowly moving his hot slippery cock over my pussy and stomach. He was in no hurry to enter and did the right thing. I breathed his scent and held tightly to his powerful arms, waiting impatiently for half an hour to pass.

  • Anton … – I called my husband in a languid voice, hiding my changed voice, under the weight of a big guy and a blow to the head with excitement.

He turned around and I showed him with my eyes on the clock. He thought for a second and got out of bed, left the bedroom and closed the door. I could see from the shadows on the floor that he was still standing outside the door and waited for it to disappear. Finally he deigned to leave me with Ruslan.

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