Not treason at all. Part.3

  • Fuck … – I whispered and Ruslan lowered his head to me, – Ay … Oh, – I began to moan in time with his movements, now I could not hold back so much.
  • You feel good? – he asked.
  • Yeah … auh … you know, I’ve been waiting all week, hehe, I was thinking about you, you have … a lot more dick.

“Oh, thanks, baby.” He smiled and leaned forward to his face. I opened my mouth and let his tongue into my mouth, we began to suck very wet and ineptly on my part. Although we agreed with Anton that there will be no kisses.

I looked with one eye so that the door would not open, but in general I didn’t care now.

  • Come from behind, just not loudly.

He got up from me, I turned my back to him and stood up with a crustacean. I was flowing like a bitch, Ruslan had not yet seen me like that, as only my husband saw. I arched the back as much as I could and spread my buns with my hands.

  • Would you like a video? Rusya asked.

I hesitated, but I liked the idea right away, I already imagined how awesome it would be to review it from the outside, especially if I don’t see him again.

  • Come on, – I happily confirmed, – Only to my … out, – I pointed to my phone on the dresser in front of the bed.

He quickly jumped out of bed, turned on the camera and put the phone down against the vase. I kind of felt that now I am in the frame, there you can see me in a very vulgar pose. Ruslan did not hesitate, climbed back and abruptly drove his cock into my wet hole, stopping at the very last moment so as not to flop on my ass. Without even entering to the end, I felt a member in me as deeply as never before. I finished almost immediately. We fell on our side and Rusya entered me to the end. With small and quick jerks, he began to hammer my hole. Time was drawing to a close and I asked him to let me suck. He lay down and I sat down at his groin. She took off the condom and began to quickly suck on a large red head, which barely fit in my mouth. The penis throbbed, the balls squeezed and the first jet hit my lip. I quickly took a member deeper and took all the next hot jets in my mouth, typing a full mouth. Having overpowered herself, she swallowed everything and, covering her mouth, waited for a moment of disgust.
I smiled and looked at Ruslan, showed him that his mouth was empty, that I was a good girl, he laughed and patted me on the cheek. Time has passed and I finally licked his penis. I got out of bed and bent down to pick up the thrown prezik, Rusya grabbed my hips and I froze. I giggled like a schoolgirl. After all, time had already run out a few minutes ago, and he decided to please me or forgot … I did not say anything. He entered me and I literally stayed on my feet only thanks to him. Ruslan firmly grabbed my hands and fucked me from behind with powerful frictions. Tits dangled, knees buckled, hands ached from his strong grip. I again began to cum under myself, it was flowing down my legs, I was twitching and barely restrained moans. Anton entered and saw a naked wife standing in front of him, bent in half and with an incomprehensible expression on her face. Tears and a dull smile flowed from shame and orgasm. He was in a stupor and did not know how to react. Rusya did not think to stop.

  • An … Anto … tone … po … do … wait, we f … a little bit … a lot, – I tried to speak exactly but it turned out fucked up.

He closed the door and seemed to turn around to leave, but stopped and began to look half a turn. I wanted to slow down Ruslan, I was fucking ashamed and wanted to fail! But Rusya fucked me like a puncher for a couple of minutes until he finished. I remembered that there was no condom on it, but it didn’t stink so much anymore. A portion of sperm burst into the vagina, I felt it and loudly shouted “That’s it!” Rusya let go of my hands. I walked over to a chair near the bed, took my linen and stomped into the bathroom. Anton looked at me, at my wet legs, which did not fully unbend and was silent. In the mirror I saw that my lipstick was smeared around my mouth and Anton must have noticed it. I remembered the phone and ran out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. He stood there, the recording stopped apparently by itself. I checked, the recording was in the gallery and went exactly 15 minutes. I looked, but at night when my husband was asleep. The bed with us was clearly visible and audible too, only when we were standing on the floor, Ruslana and part of my ass were visible. Everything inside was shaking from the realization that I had recorded homemade porn with me in the lead role, and even without my husband’s knowledge.

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