Not treason at all. Part.4

Again we did not speak the next day. Then they quarreled a little, seemingly on a different topic, but it was clear that this was only as an excuse. A day later we talked frankly, he told me everything that he thinks that I do not control myself, that I behave like a youngster, and not an adult woman. In general, more than once I noticed subtle reproaches behind him at my age, as if in passing or as a joke. But now I understood everything and it gave me even more confidence in what I am doing. I guess I could be offended! And earlier I would definitely be offended! But I thought about Ruslan all the time, dreamed with him, waited for the next date and scrolled new poses in my head, how I would smile at him, look into his deep dark eyes, bend under his strong body, stroke his ass, please his penis, kiss to harm the husband of his balls.

Then something unpleasant happened, at the most, bitch, inopportune moment. As soon as everything worked out between us, and who knows, even a little more and Anton would warm up to me again. Igor, the elder brother of her husband, came to us. He was 5 years older than him and 15 years older than me. I never liked him, as he probably did. He always treated me condescendingly and behaved rudely, for which they even quarreled with Anton. In general, only Anton and his father liked me from their family, and his mother and brother and sister disliked me. I returned from the store, they were sitting on the couch, drinking beer and poking around in the laptop. I took a shower as I slept for a long time in the morning. She put on a blue silk robe, tied a belt and went to go about her business to her place. The front door closed, I thought they had gone somewhere, when suddenly Igor came in to me.

“Hi,” he says calmly.

I silently looked at him and turned away, covering my chest, which was slightly visible through the robe.

  • What’s new? How are you? – he scratched the back of his head.

It is clear that he did not just come to inquire about my affairs, especially since he never did it, moreover, he never greeted me. So, only with a glance made it clear that he recognized me. Therefore, it did not immediately hit me that I probably needed to answer …

  • All is well … and what did you want?
  • Yes this, listen Alain …

He sat down on my bed.

  • What? – I moved away.
  • So … well, I saw the video on your phone.

I was fucking a little, but I didn’t show it.

  • What are you talking about?
  • Well, you know what … where are you fucking with some guy.

I remembered that I really hadn’t brought my phone with me and left it at home. “What a fool! Completely forgot. Careless fool! How so … “- I yelled at myself in my head.

  • Yes, everything is fine, listen … I know that Antokha approved, I’m not a fool, – he smiled, – Well, that’s okay … But, damn it, Alenka, you always knew that I like you …

Here I got even more crazy. “Like me? What?”. I wanted to stop him, interrupt, reproach him, but I could not collect my thoughts. I didn’t think of anything to argue with him.

  • If you miss a man … – he continued, – Anton, he was always a Dodik … Fuck, well, you would ask me! Consider a dear person.

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