Not treason at all. Part.5

After I finally sent him to hell, blackmail began. He promised to show her husband and that he even managed to throw a video for himself. I sat in complete confusion. I could tell my husband anything, but how I agreed to shoot a video and suck it off with a swallow, I definitely didn’t want to. This would affect our relationship for at least half a year, and we could even forget about dates with Russia. And the very fact that Anton finds out that his brother is now vkur … He always walked in front of his brother with his mouth open, looked up to him from childhood, and crap in front of his brother was extremely painful for him. And this is much worse, to become a sucker for life in the eyes of an older brother.

  • How much do you want? – I decided, maybe everything is not so scary, but maybe he needs money.
  • Yes, calm down … not at all.

He got up and pulled down his pants and settled on his pants.

  • No! – I sharply stated I sat down further.
  • Fuck … I gave that sucker, than I, fuck, worse ?! Just a blow job, I ask you to fuck a lot …
  • Once?
  • Well yes!

For some reason, I calmed down, although it was also crappy. And what if Anton finds out about this … On the other hand, it would be scarier to learn about the video.

  • Once and you will delete the video with me!
  • Fuck, not a question.

He pulled down his panties, his cock was already standing. I appreciated it, now it was the third term in recent times. Slightly longer than Anton’s and noticeably thicker. Here I was lucky, why normal loyal men always get small members … Igor sat down on the edge of the bed, I bent down and took it in my mouth. He smelled … but I always loved it, the smell of grease and sex. Pubis and eggs are densely overgrown, my Anton, unlike him, always watched and shaved smoothly. Either Igorek is rarely with a woman, or he is much more confident in himself. As far as I know, he has no one now and he has never been married. The robe rose a little and I felt my butt bare. “And why didn’t I change … As usual, everything is not on time …”

Igor noticed this for sure and immediately reached into it with his hand.

  • Hey! – I immediately stopped sucking and looked at him outrageously, – We agreed only for a blowjob!
  • Yes, I know, why are you right … I just like that.

I sank down frowningly and continued to suck. He pressed lightly on his head, in general I did not mind, this was part of the standard program. He reached his ass again. I didn’t stop him, let him touch him, anyway nothing else would get. My robe had already completely bared my bare ass and Igor stroked its entire area. After another half a minute, he climbed his fingers where he should not. I moaned, but didn’t get distracted.

  • Wait, Alain … Wait.

I stood up in disbelief and stared at him.

“Let me lick it,” he says.

  • What? We have agreed to! Blowjob and period, what … why do you need?
  • Fuck, is it difficult for you? I’ll just flush you and that’s it.
  • And if Anton sees?
  • He will have Valerka for another hour …

He took me by the hips and sent me into an interesting position for him. I stood with my back to him and sank on my elbows. Igor lifted his robe and began to lick my holes. Paying most attention to the anus. I liked it, but I was indignant for decency. Then, with might and main thrust there tongue and finger. I didn’t resist, but when he got down on his knees and settled down to me, I hit him in the leg.

  • You fooled me! Get out of here!

I sat down on the bed facing him and dropped my robe.

  • Well, Alain! Well, damn it, listen … You want to! So why the fuck won’t you give me? Hare to break! Bitch … You didn’t fuck with that cunt there, and moaned and twisted your ass and kissed his dick …

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