Not treason at all. Part.6

I was taken aback by his screams, but I understood that he was right. Before whom am I breaking a comedy … If neither he nor I believe in my displeasure, then what is the point? I silently got into the same position, extended the pillow under my head and spread my ass with my hands.

  • If you say even a word to Anton, I’ll cut off your eggs, understand ?!
  • I promised!

He moistened my hole and inserted a member. He slowly and with difficulty entered my ass, probably under different circumstances, I would not give in the ass, but I really wanted to. Probably, I tried to punish myself in this way for my stupidity and carelessness. It hurt quite a bit, but I asked deeper. The hole throbbed with pain, I moaned, Igor tried hard and was slowly fucking my ass. After a few minutes, he wanted to change his position and turned me onto my back. He untied his robe and began to admire my breasts and shaved pussy, first kissed the boobs, sucked the nipples, then licked the entire crotch again like a dog … Then he lifted my legs and I pressed them to my chest.

The buns opened very well, a thick pussy again went into my burning hole and continued its work. Between the pressed legs, the breasts fit tightly and Igor roughly crumpled them and pinched the nipples while the penis furrowed my anal. It was completely unusual, they had never had me like that, they had never caused so much pain and discomfort. Perhaps it was compared to the loss of virginity. It was so long ago and I had already forgotten about the sensations and experiences. Now I felt very similar, more naked and shameless than then with Ruslan. I would never give Anton in the ass, although he once asked very much and I flatly refused. I felt some kind of connection with Igor, giving him the ass. Now she belonged to him, like the first time you fuck, giving the whole to only one. We finished together, as soon as hot sperm began to erupt inside me, I was covered with awareness and stimulation of the ass, despite the pain. In general, during the last weeks I experienced more orgasms than in the last half year.

  • Well, you were afraid!

Igor’s words brought me back, he was already lying next to me. My legs were petrified in the same position, I relaxed and sperm flowed from my ass. I ran to the toilet and sat down on the toilet. Igor unceremoniously entered after me and poked my penis in my face. I didn’t mind and sucked him. And what difference does it make now … While I was pouting on the jerk, he told me that now I would sleep with him, that we are family people and this is not treason at all. I was all the same and almost not ashamed. The robe was also unbuttoned, boobs shamelessly peeped out with protruding dark red papillae, I looked at them and did not even try to cover them up. I pee right in front of Igor and was still trying to move away from orgasm.

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