Nudist beach

Once my friend and I went to rest. I wanted to be separated from all routine problems. By the way, I’m 39, athletic blonde, chest 2, on the thigh, closer to the pubis, a rose tattoo, my friend Olya is 38, also a blonde, one chest, thin. The first few evenings we had fun in the club at the hotel, Olya even met a guy there, and during the day we sunbathed by the pool, young guys caressed our open buttocks with glances.
And one evening Olya left the club with her new acquaintance, and when I approached our room, I distinctly heard her moans, the evening with a friend was clearly a success, but I got wet and went for a walk so as not to interfere. Having found a secluded park bench, on the territory of the hotel, I sat down, lifted up my short dress and my fingers, slipping along the smooth pubis, ended up in my panties and began to massage my wet clitoris. I breathed heavily, imagining how Olya sits on a strong young penis, how the hands of this guy crumple her ass and breasts, it was even more arousing that I was masturbating on the street and someone might notice. In the meantime, I had already penetrated my pussy with my fingers and continued to caress the clitoris, orgasm was approaching. Throwing my head back, I arched slightly, my body tensed, a shiver ran, my legs clenched.

  • A-ah … – a stifled groan escaped me, my body relaxed. I wearily pulled my hand out of my panties and licked my fingers. After straightening my dress, I sat in the park for a while and went to my room. By my arrival, the guy was gone, and naked Olya was sleeping peacefully, surrounded by her clothes and underwear.

In the morning I sat naked on the balcony and looked at the sea, a disheveled friend in a dressing gown came to me.

  • Well, how? Did he fuck you well? I asked.
  • Quite … just doesn’t know how to lick … – she sat down in the next chair, – and what were you doing?
  • I jerked off in the park and came back to you, and you were already asleep …
  • Mmmm cool … you need to find some lover here too!
  • Perhaps … can we go to the beach?
  • Let’s go, maybe nudist? AND? You love to shine naked boobs! – a friend squeezed my breasts, from which my nipples swelled.
  • If you do not mind…
  • I also want to sunbathe naked!

We climbed on the Intranet, found a suitable beach, got together, put on our minimalistic swimwear, my breasts were covered by two triangles of white fabric with ties on the neck, my pussy was also covered with a small triangle, and between the buttocks there was a thin strip of material, Olya had a similar swimsuit, only pink and the strip on the bottom turned into a triangle.

We came to the beach, there were many naked women and men around. We put in towels, took off our swimwear and lay down to sunbathe.

  • Mmm high! – I said and ran my fingers over the naked body.
  • Yes … – confirmed the girlfriend.

I closed my eyes and went into oblivion, the excitement accumulated, the thought that I was lying completely naked and everyone was looking at me turned on me. I myself did not notice how my hand slipped down and my fingers began to massage the clitoris, I moaned out loud with pleasure. Suddenly, I noticed a shadow, a man’s voice said something in an incomprehensible language. Opening my eyes, I saw a man lying next to him, stroking his cock. Without thinking, I took him in my hand and began to jerk off, continuing to caress myself, the man groaned.

  • ABOUT! Have you already got a fan ?! – exclaimed the girlfriend.

Several more men approached us and watched us with interest, fingering their pussies. I was able to reach one of them with my legs and, clasping my penis with my feet, jerked off to him, bright red varnish on my toes glittered in the sun. Turning my head, I noticed that Olya was already sucking someone, and between her legs another man was diligently licking her. Soon, my mouth also took a member, he persistently made his way as deep as possible into the neck. The man to whom I was jerking off with a hand got up, came closer and began to cum on my chest, hot semen pleasantly burned my nipples. I, too, had finished, but did not remove my fingers from the clitoris, continuing to caress him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Olya already standing cancer and being fucked from both sides. The man to whom I jerked off with my feet took my feet in his hand and began to cum on them, the sperm spread over the fingers and feet. A new member was already in my hand, and I was catching a new wave of orgasm.

This went on almost until evening. With a friend, we were all in sperm, from head to toe, Olya could not remember how many members passed through her mouth and pussy. Tired, we washed in the sea, lay still a little on the shore and went to the hotel, intending to come to this beach tomorrow.

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