Nurse debut. Part 1

After graduating, I immediately got a job as a nurse in a polyclinic. I was assigned to a doctor, a young married woman of 35 years old. She was a slender brunette, with small breasts, a round bottom, her name was Yulia Andreevna, but she immediately asked to call her Yulia, “you”. I just turned 19, I was a plump girl with four breasts and lush hips. Because of the extra weight, I was very complex and insecure.

Summer was just beginning, but it was already warm enough outside, the clinic was relatively calm, most of the people left for resorts and summer cottages.

  • My advice to you Alain, in the summer it is better to go to work without underwear and buy a lighter uniform … the building from us, you see, is old, no air conditioners, and we also sit on the sunny side! I personally walk like that in the summer! – Julia slightly lifted the edge of the white robe and I saw her smooth-shaven pubis, she was not wearing panties.
  • Wow! So you walk ?! – I was surprised.
  • Yes, but what to do ?! Well, I even like it! – the woman giggled, – or, if you are really shy, then wear something minimalistic … like a thong …
  • I have never worn such …
  • Truth? And I really love this underwear! Well, then it’s time to start! – Julia smiled at me kindly.
  • Alain, today everything seems to be quiet … the head of the department will leave early, go to the dacha, maybe we will be late? Shall we sit, have tea, chat? Or are you in a hurry? My husband is still a day today, and my child is at my grandmother’s dacha, I have nowhere to rush.
  • Yes, and I also have nowhere to run, we can sit!
  • Well! Would you like to get some cake? I’ll give you some money, I’d go myself, but you can’t leave the office without a doctor … and I’ll cover you if anything!
  • Of course I’ll go!

I quickly went to a nearby store for a cake and returned to the clinic. By the evening there were a little more people, but the change went smoothly. Somewhere at half past four I went to the department head and said that she had left. We finished our shift on time and, having closed in the office, sat down to drink tea and cake. Julia sat down on the couch and began to unbutton her robe.

  • It’s stuffy here, even though the window is open … – said the woman, opening her gaze to her bare small chest and smooth pubis, – Alain, don’t be shy! If it’s hot, you can undress! We closed the door … the tea will make it even hotter!

I pulled off my medical blouse and straightened my bra.

  • Well, take off your pants! Come on, come on! – Julia began to playfully tug to the bottom of my pants and I had nothing left but to take them off. I am in underwear, a simple white bra and the same panties, sat next to Yulia on the couch. We drank tea and talked, Julia shared gossip about colleagues, asked me about relationships, sometimes she pleasantly stroked my leg or hand.
  • You have cream on the cake on your lip, dyke I’ll help! – she approached my face and I felt the tip of her hot tongue on my lip, he gently and gently ran it along the edge of her lip, goose bumps ran through my body, it was very pleasant, it even seemed to me that I moaned softly at that moment.
  • That’s better! Alain, your breasts are so lush and beautiful! And you hide it under the uniform! Oh no no no! – Julia put her hand on the top of my chest, held her and squeezed it slightly through the cup of her bra, – but I was not lucky … I have small tits …

Julia slightly pulled her nipples, making them stick out even more.

  • And I like your breasts, Yul! – I decided to support her, especially since I really liked her breasts.
  • Thank you dear! – the woman slightly squeezed her breasts and spread her legs a little and I saw a small wet spot under her. I felt a fire start to flare up in the lower abdomen, and it gets hot in my panties. I was hot and, plucking up courage, I took off my bra.
  • Alenka, what a beautiful chest you have! You’re hiding her in vain! – Julia ran her fingers over my chest and lightly rubbed my swollen nipples, from which I moaned softly. She tugged at the plate with the remnants of the cake and the cream got on my right nipple.
  • Oh! How clumsy I am! I’ll fix everything now, Alain!

The woman bent over and I felt her breath and a hot tongue on my nipple. I threw my head back and groaned in pleasure. Julia grew bolder and with her other hand fiddled with my left nipple. Then we began to kiss passionately and eagerly, her fingers penetrated my panties and began to gently massage the clitoris, and then entered the pussy itself, but stopped.

  • Are you virgin?
  • Yes…
  • Do you want me to be your first?
  • Yes very…
  • Then I’ll be her, but not like this and not here …

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